Analysis Visor tags not properly working


Tagged a first aid kit through the visor from inside a cave.
When I got out the cave the tag was lost and I couldn’t locate the kit anymore.
Then I tried tagging other things such as Knowledge Stones etc.
The “tagging circle” is filling up but the items did not get tagged.


Noticed that too. I tagged like 10 waypoints, thinking I had my evening planned, but after I went to the first one, the rest were untagged. Maybe there is a limit, like we can only tag 1 at a time?


From my experience so far, I came to the conclusion only one tag at a time - got to think there’s terra-giga-megs of computation happening in NMS all the time and keeping track of a large number of user defined tags on top of everything else will only add to the load - not saying its not possible, but is it absolutely essential?


I feel like it should keep track of as many waypoints as we want, client side anyway, they’re just coordinates. Unless our nav computer is the low end model, in which case it should tell us it’s going to untag the previous waypoints.

along the same lines, does anyone know a way to manually un-tag something?


Yes a message to warn is a good idea, like ‘Replace Current Tag?

Good question, hopefully someone knows something - aside to this, IMO the top-screen compass shows way too many icons!


I second this. And I don’t need an indicator for non-hostile Sentinels.


You second ‘this’ and I second that! :smile:


I’m thinking of reporting the sentinel indicator as a glitch but I’ll probably just make it as a comment thing and email them.


Yeh that sounds fair. I believe HG are on the case prioritising the most important things right now (and keeping investors happy)… overall they’ve done a great job, and as they have proven before, I have faith they will get round to the minor fixes/tweaks that keep players happy.


I accidentally created multiple waypoint tags in an attempt to remove the first. Apparently there is no way of removing tags at all. I then went to my waypoints and indeed, all but one remained. Guess I just had to tag something else to rid of the first, but would be appreciated to have the ability to remove tags.


If you interact with whatever you put the Waypoint on it seems to go away. But I agree that I would like to be able to take it off without having to interact with what I tagged. The more options the better.