Portal Icon Missing

Was doing a bit of Portal travel last night and when I was done, I returned back to my base for a few additions. I decided to head back to the Portal but the HUD icon has mysteriously vanished.

I made the school-boy error of not placing a beacon at the portal and since I’ve been on this world, I’ve not needed it as the icon has always been there.

I flew to the nearest Trade Post to ask for directions and was pointed towards an Alien Monolith, upon arrival, it was already active and ‘used’ and I was unable to interact with it further, (it was the same one I used to find the Portal in the first place.)

I know the Portal is roughly three minutes flight time from my base, and I know the rough direction. If I fly there and land would I be able to find it with the updated Analysis Visor? (It shows things like Trade Posts etc) or do I need to get the coordinates, convert to glyphs and get someone to visit me so they can place a comm ball down to mark the location?

Or should I just hope it returns when I load in again?

Anyone else had this?


I have had mine disappear- I just found another monolith with the signal booster and found it that way. If you know approximately where it is, you may be able to find it again - but I would just use the booster for ease.

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Failing that, use another portal in a nearby system to access your homewold portal and make sure you put a beacon down.
I have no idea why the portal icon should dissapear once a portal is activated. All located portals should remain marked in my opinion.


Yep I flew up, got the out of system message after talking with Polo.

Went to the mission portal system got icon flew down, was about to go threw and thought, ah I will come back after, farming, crafting, merchant missioning.

Went to the Portal Entrance systems Station and saw Portal next to the Name of the station, and assumed it would be all good.

Went home, Did the deeds( crafted my first and second Statis Generators :slight_smile: ), went to my teleporter, and the station no longer had the (portal ) text next to it.

Suggestion would be to add the quick silver icon to the Station in question, won’t ever forget then.


PS Trying again at lunch will update

During Lunch I was able to get to the planet but the portal had moved to my home system and Impulse engines to the portal didn’t have an arrival time. I decided to save there, and see what happens when I log back in this evening.

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There’s usually more then one portal per system and maybe even more the one per planet. But yes I’ve done same thing, left then couldnt find it. I started stacking vykeen blades just for that purpose of using monolith to find new one. I finally decided to just put base comp at portal site so now if I need to portal, I can teleport from any space station to my portal base, punch in code and boom. Makes it real easy to portal jump.

I haven’t had that problem, yet. Thanks for the reminder to put beacons down. :grin:

Here is a tip I need to remember myself, We have planet coordinates now. Latitude and Longitude! :sunglasses: Don’t need to make a beacon unless we want to share.

You can mark a portal location in several ways some more accurate than others.

  • Park your freighter directly above.
  • Beacon.
  • Communication Station.
  • Exocar pad (Clear to see graphic)
  • Get a friend to wave.
  • Base computer.
  • Roamer vehicle.
  • Gravestone (not recommended!)
  • Terrain tool (Mark route creatively)
  • Maybe one of your starships.
  • Make a note of the Analysis Visor coordinates.
  • Find a new monolith using a Signal Booster, Observatory, Exocar scan.
  • Maybe on foot use your E key to mark a point. (Not very persistent).
  • Creative mode to travel there and get visor coordinates.
  • In Creative mode, use a beacon and view it if possible, exiting space station. E.g. 2 O’Clock. Reference the same in your chosen mode and fly towards area. Signal Booster nearby structures etc.

I thought about this the other day, when I was doing some portal experiments. Okay, so say you do write down the visor coordinates, that is still a lot of run around. Best to make a beacon, like Osh said, and pick it up, before you go back through the portal.