Single player is still there

“You can have played for a hundred hours. I can join you on your game and if I collect stuff or do stuff then I have that and that’s in my save when I go back to playing single-player.”

The ability to experience the world alongside other people is turned on by default. Players can switch it off if they want to be truly alone, but the way Murray explains it, having it enabled won’t suddenly lead to those strange agglomerations of player characters you see in MMO questing hotspots.



This is very important that they kept that. Some of us still enjoy a lonely experience from time to time.


What’s more surprising for me is that they will get to weekly updates.


I don’t think that the continued existence of single player was ever in question…I mean especially with PS4 and XB1 requiring PS+ and XBL-Glod membership fees to play multiplayer they wouldn’t just turn around after two years and just say “oh and by the way, you can no longer play the game unless you pay $5/month for PS+/XBL-Gold and whatever internet costs in your area and if your internet can’t handle multiplayer then say goodbye because you’re never playing again”…that’s would never happen…those sorts of games launch as multiplayer only from the get go.

The biggest concerns about multiplayer is in regards to how PvP is handled and what happens if people just want to have a peaceful coop experience, that sort of stuff.

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I do wonder about the point DM21 brought up. If you can drop into another players game, and there’s no distance limit to how far parties can spread out, then where exactly is the delineation between “multiplayer” and “singleplayer”? You drop into a game of a friend half the galaxy over, you build a base there, you travel a bit, you drop out of his game again, where are you now?
I feel like portal travelling for meet up would have been a more organic way to integrate this.
Since we can have multiple bases, it’s reasonable to assume that we can use the terminus to travel between them directly, so dropping into another players game effectively becomes another means of fast-travel…
Not something I worry about a lot, since I won’t be using that feature much, but it feels like there’s going to be quite some discontinuity when dropping in on other people.

On the subject of Co-op, There has been speculation as to what the GEK character is all about… Seems slightly daft but maybe the PARTY LEADER assumes role of GEK???..

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I speculated that the player who played the gek in the trailer happened to be the party leader but we do have details: you can make your character be any one of five races Anomaly(human astronaut type), Traveler(like the ones from 1.3 including the likes of null and Apollo), Gek, Korvax, and Vy’keen)…you can change at any time at a space station if you like and can build a terminal to change in your bases…so you are not locked in at all. Anyone can be whatever they like without restrictions there.

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Cool, where did that info come from?

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LEAKED game-play footage bellow, SPOILER ALERT. click at your own discretion:



:scream: I ain’t scared of no leak! that is epicness, thanks!

EDIT: To much … kzzzktk… excitement …ktzz… neural meltdown has commenced … kzzkzzt


My theory on this is, when you join a friends party and are instantly there, you are free to explore and discover, your character progress will be saved and when you awaken in your own game you’ll be where you left off (in your own game), before joining your friend, it seems our character progress will be saved separately to our individual saves.

If you want to stay in the area your friends are in without having to join party then that’s what portals are still inevitably for.

However, I’m curious as to how getting your ship across a portal will work now that bases can be built, and claimed, anywhere.

All theoretical but isn’t that half the fun while we wait?

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@DarthTrethon: I have edited the link to be more of a spoiler

Hmmm…I think I read someplace that whatever you gather in the co-op group will remain with you even after you jump out. It was in one of the articles posted here somewhere…:sweat_smile:
I think we need a reset. Too many threads.

That’s what I meant by your character progress being tracked and saved separately, that would include ship and exosuit cargo :slight_smile: I just meant youd wake up back at your last known location before you joined your friend.

If that’s how it works…

if it’s a case of joining a friend half way across the galaxy, saving on their planet and then that’s your new location for your save file too, I wonder what purpose portals might serve if they’re no longer the main way to get to your friends… I suppose they’re still useful for visiting far off points of interest with your friends :slight_smile:


According to IGN you can chose your race now.

I’m wondering how/if it will work on an intergalactic level. If you could save your position in multi player mode and port from there to another galaxy and vice versa

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Ive since read/heard that you can change your race at *any time… Surely this will open another can-of-mission-related-worms!..

How long now?! Tick tock… NEXT will soon be BACK whilst WE ARE busy in the LOOP!