Sigma, Tau, Theta

Ok, possibly stupid question time. I’ve used the below as an example.

With my jetpack boosters, I noticed they highlight when placed next to eachother. Do they need to be highlighted to work properly or is that just for the OCD in us?

Also will it work if I just have #3 or do I need to have all 3 there for it to be at its full potential?

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Excellent, thank you. :grin:

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Here you will find all the specifics for Adjacency/Synergy bonus and more. Don’t forget to check the tabs at the bottom as well.


Ket took that even further and made this excellent interactive utility for testing configurations:


Great tool, I should have known … Ket does awesome work!


Amazing… Can it be confirmed that the layout calculator is up to date with 1.38?

If a squiddy can jump approx 1300ly (with all drives), is the difference explained by the exclusion of a ship-specific multiplier?

Yes, the tool was made after 1.38. As you said, any differences in-game should be due to the type/class stat bonuses.

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