Settlement building stealer

My settlement is haunted🙄
Today I logged in, buildings missing, and others relocated to a different location.

I know because I had build sidewalks from building to building , sidewalks there , building is not, also a couple of building I put furniture in it, furniture there , building gone, yup it’s a ghost settlement building stealer???


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Fixes in the latest game update changed some settlement measurements, which unfortunately meant some buildings got rearranged to fit. It briefly changed like this before in a previous update, then went back to the original in a subsequent update, and now the change is back. I agree it’s a pain, especially for anyone who built anything in their towns. Hopefully this will be the last time.


My buildings also collectively made a step to the side… or my save beacon etc collectively made a step to the other side… I’m not sure which of the two is less haunted…


I’ve had a building move from one side of the settlement completely to the opposite side of the settlement, what’s worst, I had a base on the outskirts of the settles, now everything is mixed up together.

I may have to take apart my base and move it, since my npcs can’t move around getting stuck at my base.


I have added the ‘NMS Frontiers - Help A Fellow Traveller’ category to your topic.

Not sure if this should be considered a bug as HG are going through fixes and improvements, which is why I put this category with it. I can see this being annoying, even though risky to start a base in the same location. Let’s just hope it will stay now :wink:


Welcome to the forum @wowwow . I have refrained from too much building in the settlement until HG works out the kinks. We know this update was delayed because of complications so perhaps this is part of the issue. Like @DevilinPixy stated, they are still working thru the bugs. Hopefully it will soon be stable.


I’m not too upset about it, kind of funny seeing a building creeping up on you everyday …

Time to redesign and come up with some new and improved :grimacing: