Setting up a PS4 for collaborative interaction in NMS

Now we have collaborative interaction in NMS, many of us are going to run into each other at some point, particularly in our new hub environment.

It would be great if one of the PS4 wise-ones could write a instructional so multiplayer noobs like myself can get our PS4s up & sociable, allowing us to get the most out of NMS when bouncing with other orbs.

Things like ‘friends’ settings & ‘friend requests’, how ‘party’ works… and anything else a multiplayer noob might need to know to set their unit up.
Are there specific settings or internet requirements?
How do you set up VOIP so you can comunicate.
Are there privacy settings we need to adjust on our profile?
So many questions I never thought I’d ask.


There’s an icon at the top of your menu on PS4 called “Party” you choose that, create a party, and invite other players to it. If you know their playonline ID, you can just type it into the search box. You also search for their name to friend them. Party is the PS4 word for “Voip”.

I am Merimacdwarf-orc on PS4. Send me a friend invite or tell me your ID and I will send you one and I can help you figure it all out.


There is an ETARC community on PS4. PS4 is Sir_Oops, go figure! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So it should be as easy easy as,sending someone a friend requests.

Adding them or them adding you. And turn off in game voice chat if ur using Ps Party system. Otherwise just stay in the same system as a player and VOIP should work.

Anybody playing NMS now? My PSNID is:


Feel free to send me a friend request and I’m always down to chat about NMS or games in general : D

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Well I found that simply jamming my mic extra hard into my controller was enough to get chat working.
Seems they are a bit fiddly.
Had breif chat with @tajay this morning when I bombed his video by appearing in the middle of it.
Looks like it was simple to set up and more of a hardware fault on my end.



Sucks that u bombed his video but oh well lol

The voice of other players on NMS never show up on video unless you use PS4 voice party instead.

Yeah, we worked that out in a PM chat afterwards.

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Coool. Yea I’m pretty certain that 1.4 is gonna expand upon the Citizen Scientist Division, Level 4 Atlas Passes,and more synchronous MP.

Dunno about the first two but imagine synchronous Co-op with a buddy :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

I’ve relocated this thread to Knowledge Centre to better suit the topic.


From what I know, there is a limit of 16 players to be seen or communicated with. However, the documentation below mentions a limit of 8 for Party Chat, is this correct?

Playstation manuals:
About parties
What’s on the party screen


Yes, that’s correct, but if you are making a video, voices from game chat won’t work, so you have to use party chat.

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Think of a party as a skype call. When you join, you can talk to people (minus the face cam) You can use this while playing games or not. You don’t even have to be playing the same game to talk to each other. The maximum amount of people in a party is 8, however. You can choose to make a party public or private. Public parties let anyone join as long as they see it. Private parties, on the other hand, won’t even show up for others and can only be joined if sent an invite. I use this to record live commentaries or live streams on YouTube. Hope I helped clear up any confusion about parties!

Also my PSN is: Falkenjager1
Add me with the message “from CSD” or something like that so I know you’re not just another spam bot.