Sentinel functions


@Polyphemus … now that just is not right! LOL. Thanks.


Scanning a sentinel drone [not in pic]…
“Directive: Anomaly Spoofing”


Super. That’s only the second such Anomaly Spoofing listed now. Thanks!


Prevent Sentience


Super. One more. I am eager to see if these will mean something in NEXT or a follow-on update. The possibilities are intriguing.

Also, full meaning and perhaps play use of these sentinel drone Directives may await activation of a means of sentinel communication, which currently is “broken”. I was hoping the large right structures might get fully “enabled” and perhaps be a mans of sentinel communication/control.



Civilisation destruction ? Wow… never saw this one.


Thanks. Sentinel Tasks workbook is now updated.


Here is a set I took today of Sentinel funtions - there will be duplicates for what is already posted in this thread, apologies. What is interesting is you can re-scan a single sentinel and get random results that cycle through the types.



Thanks. Data is now added to the spreadsheet on drone tasks. Time will tell if there is significance to these. I suspect that Hello Games has lots of “tough” clues and info within the game – I think we’ve just scratched the surface.

I see similar results. Some believe that the Directives being enforced once in attack mode. I would like to see these Directives and functions more closely tied to sentinel behavior and communication. A central (or 1/planet or system) sentinel comm station might be a nice touch. That might also end of with more coordinated and perhaps more aggressive sentinel activity. Such comm seems [deliberately] broken at present.


Good selection, @kliktrak.

@Clemm, @Everyone,

I have an idea…

What if US SCANNING a Sentinel is supposed to trigger a “random change” in Directive etc?
What if WE are supposed to have a way of “controlling” Sentinels…?
What if it’s meant to be like an “undocumented function”, which is why it’s not otherwise declared?

Say… our Scanner works like a “remote control randomiser” when pointed at & activated on a Sentinel.

Say… the Sentinel reacts like a Radio with Random Station Selection.
When it is hit by a Scanner “signal”, its Directive is switched… because of, e.g. signal distortion, circuit scrambling, insert-technical-mumbo-jumbo-potential-explanation-for-such-behaviour, . . . :wink:
… but, being a “simple AI”, it doesn’t know it’s been switched, and so follows whatever behaviour is then displayed to us.


For “suppress lifeforms” type of directives, find a fauna-filled area, and a nearby Sentinel, and try to Scan it until one of its Directive sets would seem to imply that it should hunt & kill stuff, then follow it.
(I’d say, where it mentions “Anomaly”, as this might be US, maybe best to avoid this setting for now?!?)

For “patrolling” type – if you have the time / patience – try tailing it.
Especially for “border” indicated “patrol”, if you can MARK a location (in case you go quite a distance) and then follow the Sentinel… and see if it eventually makes its way BACK (around a border perimeter?) to the MARKER, that might confirm at least the “border” bit, and maybe the “patrol” bit.
(Significant changes of direction may be worth an additional Marker…?)

Recall also the difference between BLUE-eye scan (an element has been “damaged” / “destroyed” in this location) vs YELLOW-eye scan, and Active Aggressive RED-eye indicator…
Worth it, I think, to note any changes in the EYE colour during any patrol, if possible, whilst trying not to back yourself off a cliff … :stuck_out_tongue:

Remote Control Random-Directive Sentinels – that’ll be the day…!


Yeah i think with the AI changes in NEXT which affect sentinels it will be worth experimenting to determine triggers and behaviour/process patterns.