Scanner function makes no sense


So the scanners keep me wanting to smack my head against a wall for the fact that; there are 3 types of scanner, personal, ship, and vehicle, which you would assume are all separate devices considering they deliver different results, yet they all share the recharge meter.
It is so painful to hop out of ship, do a scan, not find what you want, hop back in the ship, and have to wait the long foot-scan period for the ship-scanner to recharge… so painful.

Not to mention that scanners have a what, 30 second memory before needed to scan again… micro-sd card slot in scanner to increase its memory capacity beyond 56kb pretty please, I feel like a caveman with a spaceship.


Other inconsistencies include;

3 different buildings within line of sight around me, ship scan picks up none of them, but some building 6 mins away no problem… err, wut?

Vehicle scanner not picking up minerals, have to get out and scan… can’t I stick my hand out of the window and scan for minerals without having to stop and get out every time?


I agree that the scanner is a bit wonky for technology from the 24th and a half Century. Between the scanner and the visor, they don’t work together at all, and they should, and they can’t mark anything. They don’t seem to know what a pillar of heridium is. And the ship in the early teasers could at least spot some points of interest on a planet coming in, which I was counting on. But no, not in the release. Hopefully one of these updates they will get a little smarter.


I believe the reason you can find more locations on foot is because (theory) HG pushed for greater ground exploration. Little changes like the increased occurrence of plutonium, increasing scan range for structures, and those damn storms that make it impossible to fly :angry: makes it seem, to me, like they want you walking.

As for the recharge overlap: It seems like it would be unbalanced if you could scan with your multi-tool, exocraft and ship in rapid succession. And if they stayed there permanently? It just seems too easy. Plus, I get the feeling your frame rate would drop having to track all those objects on screen.


I can’t say these notions agree with me at all. Making things purposely annoying and backwards as a feature is a fail by me, lol.

Also, IF they wanted you to go by foot, why did they add 3 exovehicles? I don’t think it is about that, I think it is just poor design choices.
Scanner keeping things up for longer does not make things easier or more difficult, just less frustrating, the difficulty does not change whatsoever.

And lets face it, this is not a game of difficulty, the only threats can be pretty much ignored and walked right by as they do not cause enough damage to be consequential.

Anyway, I just want advanced space tech to at least have the functionality of 2017 Earthly tech, otherwise it totally kills the illusion and thrill of being an advanced life-form searching through the stars.


To some extent, I agree with you. I also find the scanner functions a bit frustrating.

There are (correct me if I’m wrong) TWO occasions, in the whole game, where you need to find a Sentinel depot. Sentinel depots yield Armadium, which, like Pugneum, apart from one quest, is utterly useless.

So we have a scanner function to find Sentinel depots (which exist on most planets, and are easily visible from the air).

Something we ALWAYS need to find is a trading post. Do we have a scanner function to find them? No.

There are other things that are necessary for progress in the game - Factories, Abandoned Buildings, Transmission Towers. Can we scan for them? No. Well, perhaps the occasional random one.

The only buildings the scanners reveal are random junk you didn’t need in the first place. Anything important, you have to search for.

Bear in mind, this is not a complaint. I love this game. I just don’t bother using the scanners, and I wonder why the developers included them, if they were going to cripple them so badly. Perhaps as an exercise in frustration?


All good points.

I don’t mind not being able to search for specific structures, i do mind the scanner being randomly selective about what is finds and what it does not.

If I can see it in the distance with my eyes, my scanner should pick it up, and generally everything in a reasonable vicinity.
If in testing, doing this made the game “to easy”, maybe they should have made structures less frequent, rather than crippling the scanner.

When in ship, the visor icons should show up across the entire visor, not only when you are pointing directly at them… its like looking at a world through a keyhole, ridiculous.

Also the exovehicle scanner is pretty much useless in its current state, why go to the effort of doing missions to unlock it and install it when it picks up nothing, lol, crazy.

Yeah I have to agree on what is the point of HG spending the time developing features such as scanners and then rendering them mostly useless and frustrating to use. You spent time programming it, make it shine, not dress it in dirt.


I agree there, that is definitely a problem. And the exocraft should be able to pick up a greater range of elements.


Before Atlas Rises you could scan from space and find random things around the system, which seemed a ridiculous range for it to find something considering how it wont find something your are stood right on top of.

It just occurred to me how many mostly useless scanners there are;
Personal, ship, exocraft, economy, conflict level, discovery scanner on galactic map… am i missing any?

I think somebody has a scanner obsession but has not really figured out how to fulfil their urge to scan.


Don’t forget the Signal Boosters you can build.

I really like being able to search for Drop Pod, Habitable Base, Monolith or Resource Deposits, but why did they remove Manufacturing Facility and Operations Centre?


The economy scanner allows you to scan for trading post.


Holy shhhhhhheeeeeee.

Thanks for making me aware of this!


Sort of. It only works from space, it’s random in what it finds, and if it does find a trading post, it will only find one per planetary system - which is generally on the wrong planet.


Oh boo. So still severely lacking.


What I have found to be quite irritating is that the planet my home base is on does not contain a Trading Post. Every time I use the Economy Scanner it picks one out from another planet in the System.


When took away the signals boosters ability to scan for operation centers, and manufacturing facilities, they added the ability to ask the aliens for directions.


Now if only we had an “alien who knows something” scanner.


I feel like I am constantly finding trading posts non stop. Talk to aliens and ask for directions. Take an item delivery mission. I can’t face a direction on my planet without seeing a tradepost icon.


Every one of them has the option to ask directions.


Lol, it was a joke.
Still, gotta find them to ask them!