I am too confused right now


Hello fellow Travellers and Explorers!

I recently got in the posession of this beautiful game finally, and have accumulated now 40 hours of playtime. I know it is not much, but keep in mind that I am a working man that can’t play every day.

I love this game so far, the mystery behind it and all the exploring ^~^.

A few days ago I came across this forum here, and now I wanted to sign up to become a part of this wonderful community.

But now I need your help guys!
This morning i found a [CENSORED] Planet, it is a absolute stunning place, so strange and beautiful
I flew around and i saw this: A giant moving “portal” gateway, i flew trough it but nothing happened.
Is this an upcomming feature guys? It is the first time of coming across something like that!

I will upload some screenies when i have figured out how to get them from the ps4 to my phone.

Edit: screenie

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The giant circular structures have terminals at their bases that you can interact with for a bit of lore…that’s all they do…they’re not intended to be portals or gates that take you anywhere.


Hello dear Traveller!

Thank you very much for the explanation, I was freaking out haha!

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Portals look like this:

But if you’ve only got 40 hours in the game, I suspect there’s a lot more you need to do before you can use them :grinning:.


Well… that’s for now. Knowing Team Mercury, in an update or two, they could be more than a wonder from a previous age. I must admit they fascinate me, and I’m hoping something more is lurking in those mysterious frames.


Hello fellow Traveller!

Yes indeed there is alot to do for me, like a lot but I very like the fact that I still get surprised.

Today I passed my first black hole by the way!

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Speculation is rife at moment as to their nature. Popular theories are that they are portals for ships leading either to other planets or even as a way of transcending different galaxies, even visiting previous ones.

Welcome to the boards @Traveller101, looking forward to seeing your discoveries!


Thank you alot!
This is by far the most exciting day in No Man’s Sky so far for me, I have travelled trough six black holes, got a new ship, a new gun, and made alot of pictures!

This picture is amazing, i tried to frame the moment, the black hole begins to pull you in, and i succeeded!

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Your welcome :blush: You said your on PS4, what game mode do you play?


Hello there!

I am playing on normal mode currently and I don’t think I will change it, because its pretty decent on normal :slight_smile:

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You know, even after hundreds hours of playing you’ll still be surprised :slight_smile: So much things to discover…

Oh, and welcome Citizen :wink:


Welcome and enjoy! It just gets better!


I’m PS4 Normal too. Might see in space sometime :sunglasses:


Welcome, new Citizen Scientist! (From one Travelxxx to another.) :grinning:

I have been playing nearly 1000 hours and have yet to see one of these exotic beauties. :jealousinagoodway:


Hello fellow travellers!

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I have very enjoyed being a part of this community so far!
I think I may have been lucky on that though! It was too soon for me to find such a thing!

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Belated welcome Traveller, see you in the simulation :slight_smile: