S Class Ship Theory (How and where to find them with the least effort)


I tried those co-ordinates and got this address…

Not sure if this is of any help to you…?


Thank you so much Mad Hatter. I will definitely go to the glyphs tonight.
For some reason when I use the portal decoder, especially when it comes to decoding coordinates for the squids, I end up with 1 to 2 blank glyphs in the address.
I’ve been trying for the longest time to get the blue squid, and even the red or yellow. I have good luck in opulent systems getting exotic ships, the really pretty ones wth the super beautiful high fins, but squids flying into outposts, no luck lol.

I’ll post when I finally get my beautiful blue one here. Again, thank you!



I noticed you are new here so you may not have found this thread S Class Megathread which may be of interest to you.
Welcome to the forum by the way. :smile:


Thank you Mad-Hatter! I like this forum so much. I also have a big surprise. I’ll post some screen shots when I sign on after dinner. You’re decoding taught me how to do it properly. I was using the portal decoder all wrong.

I’ll be back with the ss of my surprises!

Happy Traveling!



Not only did I get the blue one, but I got the red, white, and yellow squid ship. I have two of the beautiful blue exotics, with the tall fins. I love them too. I can’t wait to get more freighters so I can farm for more exotics. Again, thank you for the coordinates for the blue one. I was shocked because as soon as went through the portal to that planet, I got to the first base, and the blue squid ship landed right in front of me. I was flabbergasted!!


do you guys know the portal address for this location as i would like to get a blue squid


It’s in the Etarc Hub central chain of stars somewhere. It’s possible the system names haven’t all changed.
As far as I know, other than the suffix ‘ECSD’, all systems in the central chain kept their generic name. You may yet be able to track it down…


thanks ill have a look for it


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