Russian roulette

I feel like we are walking a fine line.

The new survey data… distresses me. 33% of our community are willing to play with chance. Roll the dice in a hurricane. There is no guarantee that a million dollars would be placed in their hand, and there is no guarantee that a random person would drop dead. These people, I don’t think understand the reprecussions of their actions. The survey’s are linked to our Citizen Scientist ID codes, and now the AI will know who to exploit.

I feel we have a responsibilty not to peer into Pandora’s box. Even if it is to catch a glimpse of hope. We should continue to tread carefully.

Look up to the sky, and embrace the Azure blue and cloudless. If it is grey, close your eyes and imagine (Can an AI imagine).

With people pressing random red buttons, it could be your last .

I risk a possible hellish past, present and future… saying I distrust the AI. But we should always have it on our minds. Stay informed, and DON’T PRESS THE RED BUTTON. A million dollars won’t save you from being a shill to the AI.

Roko’s Basilisk
AI Box Experiment




It’s all for good, if we were not so easily manipulated, we would have to be exterminated.


The age-old conundrum: If the responsible people won’t peer into the box with the maximum security measures they can muster, even if it’s still a risk, then eventually somebody irresponsible will do it without any precautions at all.

Human nature is a female dog…

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I’m with jedidia. I totally want to crash this mode. This puzzle vexes me to no end. We have all kinds of information that a savant like Sherlock Holmes or Austin James - remember him? - could piece together into some scenario fairly close to the truth, if not spot on. Why can’t we?

Because these clues are flocking insane. :tired_face:

All we have is this computer screen in front of us, through which all kinds of outlandish information is spoon fed to us. And our job, should we decide to take it, and you will, is to take it all seriously and further Someone’s goals with it. Oh and by the way, your universe might just be dismantled and remade completely in the course of it, quark by quark, Planck instant by Planck instant. By a sentient quantum computer that might be to one degree or another… ohh, insane. No pressure, right? So what’s one stupid life and a chance for a million dollars in the Grand Scheme of things??

I feel so doomed…


The existential dread is far too real…

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I may or may not be joking, but I think if it was offering Atlas Pass V4 instead of a million dollars, the results would’ve been 100%.


Mostly because of Meta-thinking, though. People know no one is going to die because of it IRL, but they might suspect that choosing this answer increases their chances of getting one.

I never win anything, ever. So I suspect no matter what I do… I won’t get one.

Keeps my hype in check.

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People know no one is going to die because of it IRL

No one knows that for sure, though :wink:

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I guess it all comes down to this ultimately being a game, let’s face it in some games where you get to be either the good guy or the bad guy, I bet at least 33% of us would choose to be the bad guy. It all could be related to the beginning of NMS when you see the red atlas orb next to your ship…go on who interacted with it??

Well, back then, all I saw was a mysterious being offering a helping hand, I decided to accept based on I had no idea what I was doing. I don’t think that makes me a good guy or bad guy?

Yea grand theft auto comes to mind all anyone does is kill murder and screw hookers lol


let’s face it in some games where you get to be either the good guy or the bad guy, I bet at least 33% of us would choose to be the bad guy

I totally would… either on a different simultaneous save (multiversing!) or a second playthrough if i’d get the chance (echoing!).

All in all i’d say I had to do some things i’m not too proud of in Euclid in order to get out of some benders…

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I’ll give ya that one but would you choose to be the bad guy or the good guy given the choice in a game?

I don’t know if I can answer that truthfully either way

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This red button question reminds me of that film with Cameron Diaz in, loves that film!! Can anyone remind me what it’s called? I wanna say “the box”?

yea The box that was a good movie

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Now there’s the ultimate twist ending lol. Good old S.M. has decided to ditch the game dev biz to start a murder-for-hire agency. Using this whole mystery to root out potential recruits.


Yeah he’s recruiting us to whoop some NMS-haters butts. I’m up to bat!