Red Dead Redemption 2

Just wondered if anyone else is playing this. I love it. Beautiful game.
I found this YouTuber who is making a series of documentaries on the NPC’s in the game. Each one has a life, of sorts. I was doing some late-night shopping in the General Store when closing time came and the shopkeeper told me I needed to hurry up. He wanted to close so he could get to the bar for a drink before heading home.
I played yesterday for almost 12 hours straight, lol. Mostly because I get where I am going at a slow trot. The slow pace is actually a lot of fun especially since I am also searching for dream-catchers and dinosaur bones as well as trying to make a living for the camp.
Here is the first of the video series mentioned above.

I have been watching a man and his 2 sons build a house just outside of Valentine. On our first visit, he told me he decided to bring his boys out here to build a house because they didn’t know how to do anything. He said they couldn’t even drive in a nail, at which point, the wall they were putting up, fell.
I happened by later and found they were under attack by a gang. I jumped in and lent a hand for which the old man thanked me. He then began to wonder if bringing his boys out here was such a good idea.
The house is coming along nicely. I will keep checking in on them. Hope the house is completed without them being shot or mauled by a grizzly.


Hoping to maybe pick it up tomorrow but may have to hold off further until next week. Have managed to avoid any info on it over the years, haven’t even looked at a teaser trailer but having read this I don’t think I can wait any longer :joy: maybe I don’t need to eat next week :thinking:


It’s a really good game indeed. Some other things in the game trully shocked me.
See for yourself.

The article in Vice is longer, and is really worth reading.


Yes. Disturbing. But, that is how some people are. Sad. I am glad the game gives you options for diffusing situations, otherwise, I would not play it.


And gamers keep on saying that there’s no problem with mysoginy among them… And now you’re apparently a feminist if you think women should be allowed to vote. Yeah, sounds legit. Dear lord, don’t these people have actual problems to deal with that they have so much time to be scared of vaginas??


I’m looking forward to picking up Red Dead Redemption 2 on the 16, and also can’t wait to get Fallout76 on the 16th.

Happy traveling, and gaming!


I finally completely finished the game…beautiful. I cried. It was one of the best games I have played in a long time.
Found this wonderful write up that I just have to share.

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