Quicksilver store empty(1.63)

I noticed after finishing last week’s weekly event the mission disappeared from my log. I couldn’t remember if it did this in previous weeks or not but after updating to 1.63 there is no mission for a new week and

now the quicksilver item store is completely blank whereas before it would show all items purchased and unpurchased.

Filed to zen desk :slight_smile:


Community Research Update
Specialist Polo is dedicating this week to analysing the collected data before determining the next chapter of their research project. The galactic co-ordinates reported by their Explorer-Friends require thorough investigation, and the trace of another Traveller-Entity beyond this reality suggests the recent galactic changes may have wider-reaching impact than is yet understood…


Before I installed 1.63 the vendor still had all the items. After the install the purchase menu is completely blank.

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