QP1: RISK: Fauna & Flora

Once you are fully tooled up you can ignore any predator. One shot and they are dead.
The one aggressive plant life is only a nuisance and even the weather, although a pain, cannot kill you if you have that one correct MT.

So I have a few ideas on how to add spice to your life, and give you what you really really want! RISK.

Triffids. Plants that surround you quietly.

More deadly underwater life. Just watch Attenboroughs Blue Planet II. I have yet to have any underwater predator attack me with a speed you would see in our own oceans.

Speaking of Attenborough. Those snakes would be really spooky.

Where are the insects? You just cannot have large animals without smaller food sources. Killer Wasps (enough stings to kill you) and maybe another weapon (bug spray).s

Pterodactyls. / Killer birds.

Bird Strikes. Now you have to repair your starship.

Locusts to destroy farms.

LESS SLOTS would really make it interesting. Less power but more creative option (bug spray).

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