Qp2: risk: environment

Let’s be honest running around has become not much fun. Those plants only shock & falling in a cave is hardly life threatening. So here are few things I’d like to see.
Bogs / Quicksands

Real life needs. Water/Food. Without water you would die in 3 days. Water has both weight (slows you down) and mass (takes up suit space). Many planets have no water so how much do you carry. Equally water slops about a bit so makes flying difficult. This adds requirements for freezing it which in turn increases the size, so more slots not to mention the refridgeration unit(s).

Give us a real and full compass and remove or limit the “Homing” device. This would make trying to hurry back to our ship more tense. It would require planning a route without the ball of string, paying attention to landmarks and where there is none placing a marker. Now you need more resources,orcing yet more planning.

We keep finding crashed ships, yet we can’t really crash and do real damage. I’d love the risk when I tree hop.

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