Qp5: observations / bugs

With a full load of Infra-Red Accelerator weaponry just 2 Phase Beam add ons gave some serious firepower.

Viridium just appears to be Emeril on different planets. Once nowhere now everywhere.

How come undiscovered planets have trading posts and habitable bases?

Regardless of what weapons you have the data reflects the resultant firepower rather than just Photon Cannon.

Being able to see your feet.

Being able to see the rear view in a starship (rear view screen or turret). As in the original Elite it gives tactical advantages currently not available.

When you pick say Solar Vine in the wild and it re-grows it still does not appear as Purple Resource but your plantation Solar Vines do, 2 hours later

Stop Exocraft & Starships moving with you when you teleport. It just makes things too easy and is not realistic even in Sci-Fi world. Teleporting to get a resource is sensible. Having an expensive way of calling an Exocraft is okay. You should have a cost to keep calling your Freighter/Carrier.

Please please a gunsight that changes colour on snow. I know I want more risk but then remove the gunsite altogether. The time it takes me to find my sight even when mining drives me nuts. I did say I was rubbish at all aspects of DualShock Controller stuff.

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