Dangerous topic ! PREDATORS on 1.38 (and further)!


Hello to you fellow citizens!

As I was reading several topics, surprisingly I didn’t find any topic talking about … PREDATORS!

You know, these little friends that will attack you savagely without saying hi? THOSE!
It’s been a while now that I am picturing the Mercury Sub-Routine, and when I see that stressing little red Icon following me I always think that I should start a new topic to reference them!

Some are hunters, some versatil, some predators, and some just scary!

Information: This topic is a protected place, where a benevolent ear will listen to your traumatic stories! :scream: So please, leave your multi tool at the reception!

Here we go !

Casual Annoying Hunter (small) // Pretty fast / Attacks at view / 20% damage/hit

Crabby Manta Predator (Medium) // Fast // Attacks at View // 30% damage / hit

Double Head Threat (Small) // Medium Velocity // Versatil -Do not approach // 15% damage /hit

Zombified Bambi (Medium) // Medium Velocity-slow // Versatil -Do not approach // 15% damage / hit

Angry Dino Predator (Medium-Big) // Fast // Attacks at view // 25% damage / hit.

??? Predator (Huge) // Slow // Predator - Attacks at view // 35% damage / hit (he was actually waiting for me to get out :fearful::scream:

Here we are for the start! I will keep on posting any animal that will try to attack me !

Feel free to share the predators you encounter during your journey!

Until than , drive safely fellow citizens! :eye:

Edit: Feel free to remove me if anyone started a similar topic! @DevilinPixy

Fauna - Max Size

The last one is really scarry. A true nightmare. It could be a Cthulhu’s friend.



Predator (Medium) // Very Fast // Versatil - Do not Approach // 20% damage / hit


Here’s one of my attackers on a planet I visited recently.

Also here’s the two mean little buggers on my home planet.


Thanks for the share Marky!

I see that you had the displeasure to meet with one of the coriaceous Cthulhu’s brother!

Thumbs up! :raised_hands:


Last time I played I encountered this…


Holly Moses!

Is that a tale? and look at those creepy eyes!! :heart_eyes:
Absolutely amazing! Is that a mod maybe?

Thanks for the great share @Virakotxa


RaYRod’s overhaul, it adds the unused “Fifth Race” that was datamined since 1.2… The “Dwemer-looking” contraption behind it, it’s actually my ship.


I found this same guy (using RaYRod’s) but a lot bigger and underwater. A whole ocean of nope.


Awesome!! thanks!!

Is there any other animal looking like him? Or is he the only one of his kind?

I’d love to see more!


FWIW: I’ve been calling the Double-Head Threats “jerkbeasts”. On my home planet, they run around randomly killing these peaceful little striped pig-rat things and then gloating about it - no real reason for the carnage, apparently they just do it because they’re jerks. (I tried to name them “a**holes”, but the game filter nixed that.)


The old saying still holds true in NMS: “If it looks scary, it is friendly. If it looks cute, it wants to eat you!” There are some exceptions to that rule but it is mostly still true.

The vast majority of the Really Big Creatures will either ignore you or run away. There are a few exceptions.

Everything said above Excludes Mods…because people are making Mods that change every original rule.



Absolutely! you got it right @Dolnor


And that is why I never explore water planets. Stuff of nightmares :scream:


I never tried to go underneath the water…maybe I should do it for the sake of my studies :sweat_smile:


This thing was terrifying. Straight out of an Aliens film.

That being said, I think it would be perfect if HG made a “horror” mode, along with some other procedural creepy crawlers. I think a lot of people would like that!


Been meaning to post this for a few days now.

This nasty creature like all the others above is unpleasant.
I have no idea of his specs but he has nice aesthetic details and a bad temper.


Indeed!! Crazy aesthetics details! I found one of his cousins up the topic!
But this one really has something special! Multiple eyes? Love the legs and the spikes on his back.

I can’t wait to get my PS4P and load this topic!

#myhandsareburning :fire:


The efficient hunter and it’s prey

1.65 M and 70 Kg


Welcome to Jochazinsuu01!

??? Predator (Huge) // FAST // Predator - Attacks at view // Often 2 of them