Fauna πŸ¦•


Post your weird, funny, ugly or beautiful fauna here. Include as much or as little detail as you want.



Thank you!!! I was gonna make one called Creature Feature because I had this feeling there wasnt one, went searching first and found your brand new sexy thread :heart:

One of the best ones I’ve found so far, spent a long time just following them around. Weird hippo, rhino humpback Crow things. Beautiful in movement, especially when they snap their beaks at eachother.



I love the new feature that lets the creatures you feed get more cuddly now <3 I love all my new creature friends, most especially these ones. I love the new creatures in the games, and the new creature sounds. Some of them are eerie in the background, from a long way off, and it’s awesome.




Quick comment: Seems that NEXT may have inspired folks to breakaway from just the one screenshot topic. Now starting to see categories emerge as I once or twice suggested :wink: - Will hope to start contributing before long!



Once upon a time, I found One Stompy Boi…

Then I found it’s mum. I’m the little guy slightly to the right, behind a plant. She was pretty big.


I found their cousin


Gotta say, their cousin looks way cooler and has a much nicer home!




Haight-Ashbury, 1967.


We need tie dye to be an option in the character customisation :joy:




Something very calming about butterflies and ancient mysterious tructures :slight_smile:

I like to visit a lot of old Irish ruins and they’re always awash with butterflies :slight_smile: