PS4 Traveller Assistance Needed!

It’s time! I need help from a fellow PS4 Traveller to discover a system and world for me that I have already discovered on PC and XB1. I also need a communication station placed in a very specific location.

Here’s the info:

Now that you have the longitude and latitude on the ships HUD in first person, you can use that to travel to the spot. It should be just a few minutes away from the Portal.

And here’s the message that the Comm Ball should have:

This is a special location as it was used for the last shot in my latest video, “The Center of Euclid: a NMS adventure series Trailer” (also featured in the thumbnail).

Please let me know if anyone can do this for me! I plan on posting this significant location on twitter soon. But before making it (too) public, I wanted to make sure things were set up for PS4 players to visit and enjoy the spot as well.


Did you get a volunteer, yet?

I wish I could volunteer but, my PS4 save is not used much and is not ready to travel. :frowning_face:


I am unsure of my availability this evening, but I will help if someone else hasn’t by then.

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Not yet. Feel free to travel to the spot and lay down a comm ball! You can make it a race between you and @LordMarkov :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe comm balls are viewable between game modes. So, in theory, you could travel there and place one down, and everyone who is playing on that platform will see it.


The comm-ball has been placed in the near exact spot (on PS4) with the same message.


Thank you so much!! :pray:


You’re welcome