PS4 Sony Scam?

Can anyone else see this? It is an event from July 25 to Aug 7
It looks like for the update.
It says the update is free if you read enough of it, but otherwise it makes it look like you have to be a PS+ member to get the update!

Looks like the link takes you to the PS4 NMS order page.
Maybe you can only see this in Asia?
Hang on.

It’s not a scam…it’s just how things work on consoles…how did you not expect PS+ to be needed for full multiplayer? I wouldn’t call it a scam because usually maintain PS+ even though I don’t play multiplayer because the PS+ member discounts and monthly games more than make up what I pay for it. If you get it during like black friday or x-mass you get PS+ for like $40 a year. But I get that it’s not nice to not be able to play multiplayer without it.


I think the update will be free to download without PS+ when it releases…it sounds like you need PS+ to preload…I think that’s what’s going on here…but for full multiplayer then you’ll need PS+ I think.

That sucks

The way it is worded makes it look like you have to pay to get the update.

The free update statement is carefully spaced so it does not show up in the box.

This is the same as saying you have to have Xbox Gold to play MP and yet the nowhere on the box art does it say that.

I just sent in a Zendesk to HG

Oh no, not preloading…I see what’s going on…looks like an online multiplayer community event of some description…you need PS+ for multiplayer but without PS+ you still get the update and still get all the new content.

That’s not the case at all…you get the update regardless…PS+ is not needed to get the update…what you are seeing is a notification for an upcoming in game multiplayer event…you need PS+ to participate in the event or play multiplayer but the update is free and will be there for all.

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Yes, I know that it is for an online event.

But my partner looked at it and thought we have to have the membership to get the update.

His was in Korean and it was still the same thing.

The title is No Man’s Sky Update

No mention of EVENT anywhere

Look at the title of the notiffication itself…it’s called “there are new events for No Man’s Sky”…and the dates given are Jul 24 - Aug 6…it’s a two week long event. It’s not like the NEXT update will be removed from the PS4 after two weeks or that any future buyers won’t get it…it’s just an in-game multiplayer event…that’s all.

“We called our upcoming update “NEXT”, because it’s an important next step on a longer journey for us and the community. It will be our biggest update so far, and something we’ve been working ridiculously hard on. This will be free to existing players, and we’ll continue to support No Man’s Sky in this way for the foreseeable future.”


The update is free and everyone will get it day one…but the multiplayer is not and HG have no control over that…Sony and Microsoft control that so PS+ and XBL-Gold for multiplayer are outside of HG’s control.

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I purchased a second PS4 less than a year ago. I knew there was a reason why I waited to activate my free trial period for PS+… :slight_smile:


I’ve read somewhere that multiplayer will not require a PS+/XBL subscription… but without any solid evidence we’ll just have to wait and see - I built myself a wall around multiplayer games but was prepared to pull it down for NMS - not if I have to pay for it though!

L Plays Gaming reported in one of his latest videos that PS+ and XBL Gold are required for the multiplayer features of the game. He would have trusted industry sources the rest of us may not.