No Man's Sky NEXT Subscription/Cross-Play

Question, CSD!

I doubt it’s been mentioned anywhere, at least that I’ve seen. We know multiplayer is coming in NEXT, and while we don’t know how it exactly works yet from a game perspective, I’ve been wondering from a technical perspective regarding the platforms. For the below, please please please correct me if I’m wrong.

  1. Currently the game doesn’t require a gold tier subscription to play together as our Atlas Rises glitches. PC wouldn’t anyway, but the PS4 players don’t need PS+ for joint exploration. Will this change with the release of NEXT? Will Xbox players require Xbox Live Gold? I don’t really know who makes these decisions, MS/Sony or HG and technical limitations. I know there isn’t a definitive answer available yet-- guesses and discussions welcomed and encouraged.

  2. Currently, I don’t believe PC players can play with PS4 players. Do you think with the Xbox launch, we will see some form of cross-play? Either between PC and PS4 and/or PC and Xbox? I can’t see Sony playing nice with cross-play to Xbox, obviously. Especially after the Fortnite debacle and things like Minecraft, I think the internet would explode if No Man’s Sky ended up having it haha.

Feel free to discuss! I’m currently on PS4, but if a subscription is needed, I may repurchase on Xbox. I already have gold, and have no real need for PS+. I’m also assuming we will be able to play “the old fashioned way”, i.e alone except for discoveries/names without a gold subscription tier.

Let me know your thoughts, CSD! :slight_smile:


The thing is, is that there are games that are cross-play between PS4 and PC, but what pisses Sony off is when game companies try and force them to integrate a system with PC/Xbox whatever.

Sony doesn’t reject cross-play, but merely states that If the companies want cross-play in their games, then they must be the one to built a system that allows it.

  1. While we haven’t yet been told about whether we need PS+/XBL-Gold for multiplayer it does seems like a near certainty that it will…Microsoft specifically is quite aggressive about gating all multiplayer behind XBL-Gold, even forcing it to play free to play MP games…now Sony isn’t quite as aggressive with forcing PS+ and do make exceptions such as in the case of free to play MP games I do think they’ll require PS+ too. If Sony for whatever reason don’t gate the multiplayer behind PS+ it will likely be as a gesture of goodwill towards the gamers because of the launch mess.

  2. Crossplay is mostly down to the developers to implement and frankly I just don’t see it happening. I also don’t want to see it happen…PC players can cheat to give themselves impossible stat bonuses like +999% to everything and 48 tech slots and so on…I don’t think that should be allowed to mix with the consoles communities unless multiplayer modes enforce strictly server-side save files that the players can never access and strictly prohibit any and all mods…but i don’t see that happening to be honest.


Personally I’d love cross play on pc just so I could play with some of the wonderful folk here. It is within the realm of possibility as loads of games already do this but I think if it does go that route then MP will definitely be gated by subscription.

I don’t see cross play between xbox and ps4 ever happening. Microsoft love to play this to their advantage as they’re still trying to make up for the absolute travesty they tried to force on th e gaming community back in 2014. They say they wanna do cross play for the gamers but Sony won’t cos Sony don’t respect gamers wishes etc.

Sony are probably the most respectful company when it comes to gamers, they provide variety and nurture the creativity in their studios.

The reason they’re a bit iffy and nervous about cross play between consoles is part to do with the Psn security intrusion that brought their service down for weeks while they stepped up security, allowing an alien console to send information througj their authentication gates would make them l, I imagine, very nervous. However that argument does fall apart when you realise they allow Pcs to interact with their players in the likes of Rocket League.

It should say on the back of the xbox one box for the game that an xblg subscription is required for online play. I haven’t checked but I imagine it does when you consider how they treat F2P games, so it wouldn’t really give us any indication if a psn sub is required too.

Generally when a game requires such a thing, they’re renting servers directly from Sony so they deem players must pay to use it.

So far Hello Games have done everything server wise on their end. If they continue to do it this way then we should be okay however sometimes it’s such a money sink to house and maintain the servers needed to run massive multiplayer interactions that it’s easier to rent these services from companies that specialise in it and already have sky scrapers full of servers.

I may be talking out of my ass in that last part, that was my understanding of this stuff fifteen years ago but it’s probably all changed since then in how they operate online services on consoles.


Unfortunately I don’t think there will be any sort of crossplay with the ps4, the Xbox and pc versions might get it though as Microsoft is already heavy into play anywhere games.

As for the possible subscription, it will definitely be required on Xbox - and I don’t see Sony white knighting for the poor launch reception- so I think it will require a sub as well.


I play on pc and hope that at least xbox players can cross-play. Playstation is a different thing. It would be really nice to have us all play together, but as said here above, Sony and Microsoft just don’t get along much.

Regards cheating, there will be only vanilla play I would think, unless you set your own server up for modded gameplay. But to be honest NMS is best played vanilla, for me its the only way to play the game.

We can hope for all to enjoy and play together, but I can’t see that happening the way we would all like. :frowning:


Great feedback all, thank you.

So this all being said, I now believe the following:

-XBL/PS+ will be required for the MP portion of the game (excluding discoveries).
-Your on your individual platform, no CP.

So now the question: rebuy for Xbox (new art + I already have gold) or buy PS+? :joy:

If you’ve never had PS+ before, you’ll actually get free time (1 or 2 years)
Plus all the sweet sweet discounts on the store.

But mainly, it’s a question of whether buying NMS again is actually worth it for you.

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I don’t know about the free time…I don’t think you get a year or at least I never heard anything like that…you should get about a month free but I doubt you’ll get years. In terms of rebuy or get PS+ it depends…how much multiplayer do you really want to play here? A year of PS+ at full price is $50 and buying a new copy of NMS day one on XB1 is $50…so it all kind of depends on you really.

For me personally I never play anything in multiplayer but keep a PS+ membership for the deals and the monthly games which usually my membership pays for itself and I usually renew when it goes on sale during the holidays…I don’t see myself ever touching the multiplayer of NMS that much but if I decide to I’ll be able to do so without problems. But really it all depends on you in terms of how much are you really about the multiplayer and how much you care about having your existing saves there to easily go to and so on.

It might have been a special deal or something, but when I first bought PS+ I got 2 years free, hence why I mentioned that

Sony absolutely does reject crossplay with the Xbox. In fact, they have taken pains to disable it in Fortnite.
Fortnite is an entirely 3rd-party API. They had to force Epic contractually to make it impossible on their end, because Fortnite completely goes around the PSN API.

That said, I’m not quite sure how Atlas rises implemented its matchmaking. The fact that the feature was never available on GoG because GoGs matchmaking was unsuitable is an indication that they were using the Steam API on PC. Which would make it natural for them to us Sony’s API on the PS4, since if they had to bake their own anyways, they might as well have used that. But apparently the joint exploration of Atlas Rises doesn’t require a PSN account. So I’m not entirely sure of how the billing technicalities with Sony’s API work exactly…

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The main reason Sony rejects cross-play with Xbox is because of how Xbox wants to implement it…if you look at Minecraft…for Switch players to cross play with Xbox players they have to create Microsoft Xbox-Live accounts and then Microsoft will let them earn Xbox achievements tied to said XBL accounts…in essence they’re trying to a) steal users and b) they probably have a long-game in mind where down the road they’ll try to charge gamers on other platforms for XBL-Gold to cross play with their Xbox buddies…I expect nothing less from a company as shady as Microsoft after what they tried in 2013. So I absolutely understand Sony not being keen on having their network compromised by a competing service…it’s the same thing they told EA when EA wanted to put EA Access on PSN…PS4 users already pay for PS+…they won’t let EA charge for a service whose games require PS+.


As far as I’m aware, that shouldn’t apply to fortnite, since it’s a 3rd party account.

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I genuinely have no idea and couldn’t care less about Fortnite to be honest…whatever the a-hole centric game does keeping the players of that sort of game off PS4 gets an A+ in my book.

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I don’t care about fortnite either, it’s just a sign of how much Sony doesn’t want PS4 players playing with others.
For that matter, I don’t even care about Sony or the PS4, or about multiplayer., so everything’s gonna be fine by me anyways :smile:


I’m sure there’s more to it than the interested parties are willing to let on…Sony has plenty of times allowed cross play with PC…so they’re not inherently against it. As far as I can tell they are concerned about letting Fortnite PS4 accounts move out of PSN out of concerns about what other user information leaves with them…stuff like account names and emails and so on.

That and there’s generally severe concerns about allowing cross play with PC a lot of times because of how widespread cheating is on PC…for games that don’t secure their saves server side some truly nasty stuff can happen like others purposefully corrupting your saves and so on…and even in cases where the saves are secured server-side PC players still manage to find other ways to cheat with bots and other nightmares. Generally speaking I am against cross-play between consoles and PC as a huge part of the appeal of consoles is that if you ever decide to play multiplayer at least you know there won’t be nearly as much cheating going on and that the worst griefing isn’t possible.

They’re not PSN accounts, that’s the whole point of the outrage. They’re epic accounts, completely divorced from PSN. Sony essentially had to pressure epic into not allowing PS4 activated accounts to be accessed from other systems, otherwise I can’t really imagine how you could even do what they did technically. I has to be code running on Epic servers that does this check.

But some account information is automatically tracked with everything else…they’re fortnite accounts tied to PSN accounts…it’s the ONLY way your progress can be accredited to your game…at a bare minimum PSN account username and emails are tied into that…at worst they got your real name dob and potentially more to go with that. You literally can’t have a fornite account without ANY PSN account info be usable ON PS4 because there would be no way for you to be credited for the progression you’ve earned.

Bought my Ps4 almost exclusively for NMS (Kingdom hearts and exclusives as well) but I stick primarily to my Xbox so gonna rebuy for Xbox without a doubt. As with every update, already planned for a new game save anyway. The question of gold/ps+ certainty; reason being is I have yet to find one xbox muliplayer online that works without gold. If it did go without the requirements, it would help expel the previous hatred for those who might wanna try it now just with the multiplayer alone.

That depends on how it’s built. I can think of several ways to do that interface without the PSN account needing to know anything about the Fortnite account. Even one way where the PSN account wouldn’t even need to know the fortnite account exists, because you could handle all the stuff in question in a perfectly generic way.
That said, my knowledge about PSN is in fact zero. I wouldn’t even bother thinking about a system that charges me a subscription fee for something as essential as online connectivity. The mere thought is absolutely ludicrous to a PC user. I’m sure Sony made the API as inconvenient as possible, but it really wouldn’t have to be.