PS4 Help Thread

If anybody needs any help with PS4 stuff, just post it in this thread! I’ll try to help you. I might also put some tips and tricks in here. Hope this helps


If you want to record on the PS4, just tap the SHARE button twice. You will get a small notification of a movie roll with a red circle. That means it started recording. To stop recording just tap the SHARE button twice again. The PS4 records all game audio, but you will have to manually turn on a setting for your voice to be recorded. To fix this, go to Settings -> Sharing and Broadcasts -> Audio Sharing Settings -> Include microphone audio in video clips. After doing this, would recommend making a party and talking there. That way your voice will be slightly louder then the game, and makes it easier to understand. If you want your friends voices heard, invite them to a party. Then go to Party Settings (which are located in the party menu) -> Allow Voice to be Shared. Then turn it on. It SHOULD work. Hope all of this helps you out!


Thank you so much because I wantd to know this. Do I need a special mic because I only have the mic that came with ps4


Nope! The mic that came with the PS4 works perfectly fine! It’s not as good as a headset, but I used it for almost 3 years until it broke. Same for my two friends who used it too. But to answer your question, no. It works fine.


If you want to edit a recorded clip to YouTube from the PS4, there are two ways.

First method

The first is to directly upload the raw footage from the PS4, which is rather unreliable. To do that, go to your capture gallery from the PS4 home screen and find the video clip you want to upload. While hovering over it, press the share button. There, you can select YouTube and sign in. Then you can change the name of the video and the description, and upload it. Just be warned: uploading from the PS4 can result in errors. The most common one is it just flat out fails to upload, and refuses to do it. The other common error I’ve encountered is when you try to sign in, it immediately signs you out again, and puts you into a loop.

Second method

The second way to upload a video to YouTube is a lot better, in my opinion. First, you will need a USB flash drive. Plug it in, then go to the capture gallery. Hover over the video clip and press options on you controller. Then press copy to USB and select the desired videos. It should start uploading to your USB. There are a bunch of other errors that can happen when using an USB. However, to fix those, it’s a bit more complicated, so I’ll make another post explaining that later. After it’s done, it should take you back out to your saved videos in your gallery. You should be able to unplug the USB safely from here, but if you really don’t want to risk it, turn off your PS4 and unplug it then. (There’s no manual eject button like on PCs) When you plug your USB into your computer, You should find a folder labeled PS4. Here’s where you go: PS4 -> Video Clips -> (insert game name here). You’ll be left with a folder with video files in it. Those are the ones you uploaded.

Basically, if you want to quickly upload something, just do it from the PS4, but if you want to edit the video clips, I would recommend using a USB flash drive. Hope this helps! (I need something else to say because I’ve used the same ending thingy for each post :joy:)