PS4 Crash Issues. Request for Assistance




Good to hear you have been having better results by changing timezone. I only just noticed how the Reddit link I posted was shown as just an image, while it is actually a discussion with many others sharing the same issue. Good thing @ashamam mentioned it again. It appears that the game needs to ‘call home’ often, to then fail causing a crash. The few minutes, may actually be the duration for attempts to retry calling home, until it just times out and crashes, or possibly overflows, no longer being able to cope. So yes, Networking issues certainly make sense and I really hope HG will get this sorted soon for those on PS4.


Yes. The last patch appears to have removed the time zone bug.
Test fire on my complex old save and it runs perfect now.

Now all I need is for the Blueprint Analyser to appear in my inventory and for my freighter to acknowledge it’s full of fuel and can warp.

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My frieghter can now warp with fuel as in it recognises there is some, but I still have frigate repair issue, no analyser, and no suitable base waypoint, and I’m not even sure in what surcumstanses it alerts you that it’s found one, the only time it’s happened is when doing a scan on foot on board a frigate, oh yeah and still no connection to online discovery


Good Evening,

I get crashes every 20 minutes on ps4. I just changed time zones, and it just crashed. I hope this is resolved soon. Now I can’t play the game for 5 minutes.
Still haven’t heard from Hello Games about my wiped save game on ps4. Now this. I can’t play the game.

Happy Traveling

After the 1,63 patch this morning, I"m getting nothing but crashes on my PS4. I do not want to lose yet a brand new 300 hour save like I did when Next came out. So I don’t know what to do. I’m getting very upset.

Getting the "error has occurred in the following application (No Man’s Sky) as well.


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I saved my game, and restarted my ps4, and the crashes stopped. I sure hope it stays that way now.

Love the new exocraft, and the customizations we can do. That’s excellent!


I was going to suggest a full powerdown restart.
Over time, repeat crashes can result in a messy memory & you may find yourself needing to save ALL your data & then doing a substantial overhaul of your console.
Made a huge difference to my system’s behavour with barely a crash ever.


Ok, I’m fuming now, and I don’t know what to do. As of 1.63, The game is unplayable for me at the moment. Each time I go into my freighter, or on a spacestation, and land, I fall through the wall, or end up on top of the space station in space. Each time I try to reload the save, I’m falling through the space station side wall, or my freighter again.
When I died the first time, I had been on my 48 slot hauler and lost over 35 general slots worth of stuff that I had spent the last 5 hours today farming for.
I can’t go to my grave because my grave is inside the part of the space station I fell through so its impossible to get back to.
To elaborate when I land in a spacestation next to the wall landing space (there is no way to pick our space), and I exit my ship, it throws me through the wall basically. Same with my freighter, I throws me though the ceiling of my freighter.
Grrrrrr is all I can say. I am over 300 hours since NEXT, and I’m just not going to lose another 340 hour save, so I don’t know what to do.

My only option is to reload a manual save I saved yesterday, and lost 8 hours of my farming time. Oh well I guess I have no choice. Personally I would rather not have the new exocraft than deal with this.
Thanks for letting me vent. sigh


This type of thing is the reason I only play for about 3-4 hours before rebooting my console & I hard save (save point) after every half hour or so while I play.
I also soft save (exit ship restore point) after each activity (like just before lifting off after spending time doing stuff on a planet).
I also have several back ups on USB to fall back on.
NMS certainly teaches us the hard way, how to secure our back ups and always expect something very messy to occur.
I lost one huge hour game once and have since been very careful to ensure I can recover without losing more than a day.
I hope you can recover & can then ensure your safety net of saves is tighter.
Good luck fellow traveller.


Thanks Mad-Hatter, your suggestions are what I will do.
I have been saving my game to my online ps4 storage almost every other time I play. Also I will buy a USB drive to save that way too.

I’m always laying down a save module too after I do something important, and I get in and out of my ships to save all the time. I did start with my manual save that got me out of the freighter fall through. I can go into my freighter with certain ships without ending up on top of my freighter. But sadly I can’t go into my squid ships now because as soon as I go in one of those, it puts me outside of my freighter. Same with the Space Station. As long as I land in the center and not on one of the side rows and get out of my ship, I’m ok. Side rows, getting out of my ships it throws me up against the walls and outside the station.
Also I found on one planet where you would mine a deposit of copper, the copper was rendered funny and full of squares on top of it.
So I am going to be extremely careful now. My saves are too important.
Thank you again for your advise.

I included a couple pics, one of me outside the space station in space. It took forever to die too. Then the other is that copper rendering I was talking about.

Happy Travels.


Reminds me of a glitch I encountered before NEXT. My game was saved inside an Anomaly and everytime I loaded it, I fell through the floor and into space where I could fire my multi tool but could not hit asteroids…I fell for so long I finally had to shut the game down.
I feel your pain. :weary:


Thank you Sheralmyst. I’m sorry you had that happen to you too. I’m also sorry Matt had that stuff happen.

I had just gotten quite by accident that blue exotic fin ship I put in the ships section. I had put it in my freighter, and came out with my hauler, that’s when the space station kicked me outside the wall. I lost that save and all my stuff. My grave was somewhere inside the space station. Sooo, I reloaded my manual save, started all over again. I did find that blue exotic again and got it. I hurried out of the space station to make a manual save on whatever planet I could find so I wouldn’t lose that exotic again.
These things are just a royal pain in the you know what.

Happy Travels!


is there too many saved games data in your ps4?or do you directly play with blu ray disc, it is often reported that people who saved a lot of games in ps4 hdd experience game crashes.