Profanity filter list?

I got the game about a week ago and have been having a lot of fun with it but I came across a problem with the profanity filter.

I’m not allowed to use the number 705 in my base name and I have no clue why.

Is there some kind of list of words and phrases blocked by the profanity filter that I can access?


I do not know of a list. I too have had some strange issues with the blocker. It seems a bit off. Yet, I have seen others manage to use actually profanity with no problem.

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There is no specific list to alter, at least not easily, nor is it meant to be altered. There is a .dll (dynamic link library) that runs with the game, as well as a binary dictionary that can be found within the game files. You would have to disassemble the .dll to get a better understanding of how it works. It actually doesn’t even look to be a .NET assembly, which means it is even harder to figure out. There have been ways to disable it, using runtime memory edits with Cheat Engine or similar. Not sure about the effects for other players.

There has been a lot of discussion about the profanity filter ever since the game first launched. It works in mysterious ways and appears to be multi-lingual. This often results in words or even numbers being rejected that seemingly make no sense. I personally wouldn’t be bothered, even though odd or funny at times. Some of the procedurally generated naming itself wouldn’t even pass the filter if you try so yourself. Just try something else, or a slight variation, until it goes through.


My favorite in unnecessary NMS censorship is “got”. I often see chatter in the Nexus like, “Hey, anyone *** some Uranium?”, or “I *** a Glittering Honey Cake for that mission”.

I hope they never fix that… :smirk:


I guess you should be glad that “glittering honey cake” didn’t get censored… :laughing:
I mean, it’s no euphemism for anything, but it sure sounds like it should be!

As for the profanity filter, it cannot be easily adjusted. That much should be obvious, it wouldn’t be much of a profanity filter if you could just go change it.

I have no idea what kind of logic it uses, but it will attempt to be “smarter” than just looking words up in a list. Sometimes that will result in weird results. As for 705, I can only assume that it recognises it a s a potential leet pattern (occuring for example in 70553r) and therefore blocks it.


I was actually reading about that while I looked through forums for an answer, though I couldnt specifically find one that provided a list of things I wasnt allowed to say so I could just look over it.

I’m still confused over 705 though, how a number was banned. I tried looking for alternate meanings for that number and came up with nothing. At least nothing that should be censored. I settled for 704 which ended up working.


I was thinking maybe it was leet too but I couldnt think of what tos could even mean so I gave up on that idea.

Since you mentioned it though I tried it right now and not only did tos and tosser work, but so did 70553r.


Yeah this is a low-effort profanity filter. I assume they looked up the requirements for multiplayer and age restrictions and Sony and Steam made it clear that, if they don’t protect minors, NMS would be classified as 18+ by default. So they just got a list of international swearwords, searched and replaced them by asterisks, “job done”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Our current theory is that ‘got’ is blocked because Göt is Turkish for a$$. And 69 is blocked to prevent innocent 10y-olds from giggling themselves to pieces. :blush:

I have no idea what’s up with 705 though, but as you can see, it could stem from any culture or language… just as an example, in German in the 20th century, calling a man a “175” used to be an insult (as short for, “you ought to be imprisoned according to legal paragraph 175”), it could be something as absurd as that… :unamused:

So 70553r works but 705 by itself not??


No clue for the number itself. The ‘Leet’ representation ‘tos’ has some possibilities like, Tits On a Stick or Terminate On Sight. In Norwegian ‘tøs’ could mean slut. It remains guessing though, we’ll likely never know.


Since some people sub letters for numbers, perhaps 705 looks a bit like LOS if flipped vertically or SOL if then flipped horizontally. Now “SOL” I would understand, though the level of profanity is mild – “S*** Out of Luck”


This is NMS. 705 is possibly something truly offensive in Korvax.