Profanity Filter

I explored a system with five planets. So I decided to call it “The Famous Five”, and name the planets appropriately.

I was fine with Julian, Anne, George and Timmy. But when I got to “Dick”, the profanity filter wouldn’t allow it.

The world must be full of banned Richards.


I seem to get the profanity filter a lot. Yesterdays, I got it for “shrugging god”, I used “the god that shrugs” instead. Is it just “ing” words? Maybe,it was something else in the sentence. It would be super helpful if it told you the offence part, but then it would be, being offensive.


I had ‘Bipedal’ rejected as a planet name and just now wasn’t allowed to have the Comms beacon message ‘Peace. Got any crack?’

I have had “Spikes” as part of a name rejected on two occasions.

The Profanity Filter is kinda funny because the games algorithm for generating planet/fauna/flora/NPC names can often generate things you can’t use yourself.

For example my surname is Gaynor. I can’t name anything with my surname for obvious reasons, but I have seen plenty of “gay” letter combinations show up in the middle and end of words, I’ve even seen NPCs with the name “Gay”. Their algorithms are above the law XD


yeah, spike is not allowed, i think it’s for racial reasons
there is so much stuff i want to name as ‘spikey thing’
and yet this guy gets past the filter:

and this portal:


Since you brought it up. Sorry, @Polyphemus, your thread might turn in to post your inappropriate procedural game content here. If oldgods ask Emily did it.

Been holding off posting this, I suppose I should have flag the system.


That’s OK with me. A decent conversation shouldn’t stick to a single subject.


saw streamer try comm ball on mound of nickel ‘I got it at Jareds’ and filter wouldn’t allow

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Is kzztktt static swearing? Seems to fit sometimes, if you replace kzzt with a curse of choice.

The word must be pronounced “KOO-um” – that passes.