Planet names rejected

I have just had my planet name rejected …I caled it HoppingFrostFun. Then tried FrostFunHop…both were thought to be profane… anyone have a clue why?.

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There seem to be several mundane words that the game filter considers profane.

It took me a long time to figure out why they called it “Echino”-cactus. Echino is latin for spiney/spikey, and there is a variety of cactus called “Spikey”-cactus. Turns out spike is a slur.


I have used both “Frost and Hop” and their conjugations several times without issue. I have not used the word “Fun” however, which would be silly to mark as profane. Perhaps there is a secondary language reason that “Frost” cannot be placed in front of “Fun”?

I have had issues with “Spiked” or “Spikes” as part of a name being rejected.

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They’re rejecting “fun”? :joy:



Ooo thanks folks… my husband looked up the prob for me found a suggestion to add a space between words…so I did and got Frost Fun Hop accepted… I had been getting used to keeping words running togetter for the hashtags when uploading… thanks again for the response.

“Pikey” is also a slur in ireland towards the travelling community, Whenever I put in spikey I thought maybe, sean being irish, they’d included Pikey haha, though nobody over here cares enough to consider it a hate crime since the travelling community don’t have a very good image, part because of media bias and then because of the vocal minority of travellers that are involved in crime and cause trouble wherever they go.

linshell, I’m wondering if its the STFU combination in the name you chose, though seems strange to have a filter on abbreviations etc.

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Maybe the list is for all languages. Something common in english can be different in spanish, german etc…

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Fun times Hopping with Frost…maybe it read it like that, you know, as in, not hop-scotch… :astonished:

Oh… must be more aware I supose of that sort of thing…

I know, hence my astonished face typed if that’s really what it was but I can’t think of any other possible issue with the words! Unless @kerdorin was spot-on, although if so then I’d expect the complications of that to cause words to be rejected far more frequently…but anyway, I’m glad you at least found a workaround.

omg, is that one of the robot minions from the 90s Sonic cartoon!? XD


Pikey and spik are both derogatory.
Try ‘spyky’ or other inaccurate spelling methods to get the word you want.
I’ve used multiple wordstrings like;
‘StupidSentinelsEverywhere’ without issue. Possibly the issue with Fun is the F. U. bit…
(Typically I add some weirdness to my names with extra letters or made-up spelling to make a potential visitor think. Sometimes if a planet has no particular interest I reuse a version of the generated name).


it was the STFU of froSTFUn :wink:


@toddumptious I am glad you saw what I was getting at with the word combination.

However, I thought the “No Fun” interpretation was hilarious. Well done guys :rofl:.


Right now I get it! And there was me coming up with a short story in my head about rabbits and tribbles…

Yup! Good eye

Korvax fun


Watch out for this guys ghost. Think I will name a planet after him. Oh wait, I can’t type in Damny Daan.