Possible Forum Rule / Description

Now that CSD is to become the official No Man’s Sky forum, I think there’s a need for clarity in the forum’s purpose.

I believe the forum’s description should state quite clearly that it’s for people who actually like No Man’s Sky, and want to play it. It needs to be simply explained that people who don’t like the game, or who wish to disrupt other people’s enjoyment, have no place here.

And if that’s undemocratic, I’m perfectly happy with that.

There’s a big advert on Steam now, inviting all and sundry to join. The doors are wide open. Things could get very ugly, very quickly.


I think calling it the CSD is a good start,
perhaps referring to it as the Mercury Process rather than NMS on the forums descriptions would help too.

If we are the origin story we might as well keep the immersion/narrative going while we’re here :slight_smile:

Any haters wouldnt know its us at a glance that way.

Sadly troll invasions are inevitable and our best defence is a damn good team of Mods. Someone who can come in and dispel or control a situation without igniting a war


Agreed. Good Mods and don’t feed any trolls.

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Unfortunately there’s now a sticky from HG in the Steam No Man’s Sky forum. They’ve told everybody who we are, and they’ve invited everybody.

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yea I hope we can keep the community how it is all of you are great and no one is childish and drama oriented we work together and never put people down for all the crazy ideas we all were spitting out I don’t want this to turn into the barrens chat in wow if you have played you know what I mean


I hope we don’t get a forum, only ruled by laws and politics that would kill any good conversation in the forum. I don’t think you get a rule for people who “only likes NMS”, sounds wrong to me if it has to be so black and white, like a police state in here and kill the fun of this forum.

I understand you don’t want haters and trolls in here, don’t think anyone want’s that, but it also sounds you don’t like to hear if someone has critic to the game or whatever is going on in the NMS community.

We all want it be cool, fun and have a great time in here, i want that also.


Having seen some of the dregs of the internet society (Failheap challenge I’m looking at you), there will be trolls and haters. It’s a fact. Good mods and lots of personal restraint helps :wink:

I’m just gonna start by saying - I :heart: you Mods, in advance, for all the work you’ll be doing, keeping idiots from overrunning us :smiley:

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I don’t think anyone cares if someone has constructive criticism about the game, just as long as people don’t use it to instigate conflict between posters. Just treat everyone with respect and all will be well. :blush:


Good moderation is vital. A bad mod team can literally wreck communities.

The fact everyone is so nice here, however, shows that the current team is on point :slight_smile:

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Hmm… There was only one, maybe two instances of moderation during this hold thing that I was aware of.

The fact that we were all working on a common goal, being closely monitored by a filo-fascist organization first, and a omniscient supercomputer later, kinda did the job for them.

With Emily gone full pink-heart, all clear objectives completed, the CSD was allowed to live on. Now… The true colors of the CSD will show up.

Soon the echo of the joint effort will fade, and to be left will be all our miseries…
I’m already hearing the drums of the Unique Thought, here… Allow no disent!
Next thing will be special badges, so that it’s easy to make apart those who can call themselves true Etarchians and the CSD newcomers… It would only be fair!

In a month’s time, all above A-16 will be declared null from voting, and the Toddumptious Empire will begin, after dropping SlowRiot4NuZero from the observation deck of ETARC Hub Alpha…

Mark my words! I have been known to often be sometimes kind of right, depending on who you ask, and when…


When users log in to the computers at my work, we have a popup that they must accept before given access. If there was an acknowledgement screen like that before access to the forums, that might solve some issues? Otherwise, the mods will have a lot of work. Prewarn people usually helps i think.

If people want to troll, a disclaimer isn’t going to stop them. Just need a good mods team.


or make a hater thread, so we can direct all the “critics” there


That is a great idea, actually… Our little toxic corner to let rants roam free, and the acid gets vented. People have the right to express their opinions, even more when HG is directing all its customers here.
You still can’t tell people not to post wherever they see fit, but with some finesse, they could be pointed to the right place to that kind of feedback, and at the slightest off-topicness, the comments could be moved there.

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There’s been a lot of talk of “Good Mods”. And I agree, they’re essential. But even the best mods are only as good as the rules they’re given to work within.

That’s why Steam forums are so woeful. Steam want your money, and Trolls and Haters have money to spend. So unless the Trolls get really out of hand, Steam won’t allow their mods to upset them.

Alice & Smith have professionally moulded this forum into a pleasant and positive community. That’s what they do - they’re experts. But in the future, they won’t be here. The nature of the forum is going to change.

And for the new nature of the forum, I believe we need a new description of the forum’s purpose. It needs to be stated, what the forum is for, and what it’s not for. There need to be clear indicators of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

Because if we don’t have those descriptions and rules, the mods are helpless from the start. They can’t enforce rules that don’t exist, or are so vague that they’re open to constant argument and interpretation.

So no, the statement of intent won’t stop trolls by itself. But it will provide the essential framework within which the mods can work.


sounds good to me - the reason I haven’t join other nms forums is the flaming and :hocho: :hocho: :hocho: knives out negativity


Fake news there are no trolls.

I couldn’t agree more. The point from me was that a “debate” about what is truth or what is not truth could easily turn into a witch hunt and rules that only benefits on one kind of forum member, would will kill any discussion or even the forum.

We’re probably all battle scarred from release day, which is understandable, but I think HG are acutely aware of this issue and made etarc to gather like minded fans. The reddit problem was always that the moderators were haters themselves and encouraged the salt. It is fairly unrewarding for trolls to wander into these parts at the moment, unless they use some very specialized brigading techniques.


Honestly, I’d rather HG handle moderation duties themselves. It’s been my experience that community appointed moderators invariably go sour once the power goes to their heads. I’ve seen too many forums ruined by moderators who lack objectiveness. or are incapable of getting over their baggage.