POLL: The Expansive Age-Range of NMS

Hey NMS lovers.

I’ve been continually surprised by the variety of ages that love this game so much. And they all have different reasons. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when I receive a comment on one of my videos and I go to check out this person’s YouTube (or other social links), and discover they are nowhere close to my age! The internet does this wonderful thing where, without digging, you can’t possibly have any pre-judged assumptions of a player. We all speak the same language: fun and enjoyment!

That being said, it has peeked my curiosity, and I’d like to ask what your age range is.
I’ve tried searching for any kind of article that discusses the age demographic for NMS, but I haven’t found one yet (If you know one, please link it for me!) There was a poll of age ranges on reddit from before the game launched, making the information quite out of date. I’d like to see what numbers we discover here, especially after Waking Titan and the updates.

No, this is not to call anyone out (I’ve turned off the option to see who voted), but rather to show the immense range of interest that this game has captured over the past year and a half.

So then, what’s your age, Traveller? :thinking:

  • 6-12
  • 13-19
  • 20-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-65
  • 66-75
  • 76-90

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I’ve heard NMS be called “Minecraft for old people”.


With age comes wisdom.


How dare you imply SEAN made a game for old people … lol

edit to add this : p.s. i’m 59


Haha! I have not heard that one before.
Definitely siding with @Mad-Hatter on the wisdom part… Looking back on some of my own work I can certainly see a difference. One reason why I’m not afraid of growing up. Lots to experience and learn. Always something interesting out there. :slight_smile:


Wow. I’m 14 and a half basically (going to be honest, I usually round it to 15 just to make me sound older :laughing:


Excellent, do not ever worry about your age
best I can tell ya
Think before jumping


I can still hold a playstation controller and grateful that I am no longer staring at a CRT monitor . My knees are killing me that must be the “expansive” bit. I’m 46


Nice topic (: I am 36 years Old, and very happy to be!


About to hit the 30s myself. Actually looking forward to it. I keep referring to that decade as the “Refining Period” for me. :slight_smile:


I am with you there on the CRT sentiment!


I know right! Gaming session and binge watching came with a terrible headache and that slight feeling that your eyes were popping out. LOL


Currently 39, but as we say in Belgium, I’m hitting tram 4 this year.


I was wondering if anyone would be older than the 50-65 range. I started gaming as a kid on the old Atari 2600 and I don’t see myself ever stopping (they can pull the controller from my cold dead hands when I pass, hopefully 30+ years from now). :slight_smile:


40 something. :wink:


31 this year and I still play Minecraft :slight_smile: Though I’m also more excited for the final season of adventure time than I am the final seasons of Game of Thrones so I do wonder if I ever developed, mentally, after the age of 12

Haha I think we were all guilty of that in our teens, the need to appear older and be taken more seriously as an adult is very strong at that age. It’s funny because I know some people in their late 30’s and early 40’s that have started to do the opposite and usually round down to the nearest five or just say they’re 30 or 40.

Oh and don’t let relativity sneak up on you. Those 6 months between 14 and 15 will seem to take a while, from 15 to 18 will also take a very long while, 20-25 will go by as quickly as 15-18 and 25-30 will go by as quickly as those 6 months between 14 and a half and 15. Best not to pay too much attention to it and just enjoy your teens :slight_smile:

can’t be certain but I think @Linshell is one of our oldest members here at ETARC. Here’s hoping she’s back with us soon with a full bill of health!

Also to those younger folk, don’t worry if you’re in your 20’s or nearing your 30’s and feel like you should have accomplished everything by now. Very few people do, most thrive in their 30s, some don’t even get there until they’re in their 50’s, You can’t plan you life that meticulously (okay, some sociopaths can) and society can’t funnel everyone down the same path of education>>career> family, life is too chaotic to foresee all the pot holes down the road.

In the words of the wisest of all the millenials in all the millenia…

You do you, bra.


The hardest part about my age is the fact that most people don’t exactly take me the most seriously. Especially on YouTube. What I do on YouTube is find glitches in the game, Destiny . I’m not the only one. I’ve even been told, “shut up, your just a kid who doesn’t know anything” when they were trying to find how to get inside of this one building. Little did they know I had already gotten inside months ago. To be fair, these are the people who all thought I was an 8 year old girl sooo…


Ah. So that’s what the pain in my knees is.


I think the result of this poll is quite interesting.
Near 69% of the people playing NMS has more than 30years.

I think the reason why is that during “our” kid/teens ages (let’s say '70s/'80s) there was a great “season” about space, esploration, discovery…think about all the films we had about “space” during those years.
At that time we didn’t have any game at all, or at least like this…but i wonder how many of us would have had!!
this is the game i’ve been dreaming about since i was a kid, looking at the first Star Wars of Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

I bought PS4 just for NMS…


All this talk about age made me remember this from ‘back in the day’