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No Man's Sky Poets!

This is a very inspirational game. :pen: It’s infinite.
I find that it inspires everything, and then some.
Have you had this happen to you? :page_facing_up: Do share!

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Christina and the Felines

August 11, 2017 © Crimsontine Valejestic

Atlas Foundation / Hello Games
These scientific developers released you
As part of their experimental augmentation

A foreign mouse delivered by air
Cage opened into dirty streets
Sirens disguised as distant thunder

Cornered against every NY alleyway
Thousands of eyes, Dozens of felines
A briefcase, black books, constellations

Chopsticks and bowls of ramen
A cryptic message from a friend
Echoing noodles and questions of god

Emily to Christina to Crimsontine
“I got your subliminal deja vu”
The masses could not understand

Their interrogation heated
Claws were revealed
A laptop caressed

And your only protection
Was a dog with an umbrella
Posing as a scientist
An illustrious disguise, indeed

Even in the face of 16
You declared that you lived
You survived… And the universe shuddered

I awoke to find that it was all fake
Mouse bitten strings, with a wink
We are but a dream, says Emily

We all live in the face of loop16


:link: No Man's Sky—Profit, VR, MMOG & Future


End of Ink

July 24, 2018 © Crimsontine Valejestic

The infinite pen, begins where ink ends
And cuts a line so fine, time is devoid
Divine, are the satire, ink, raging pen

Thunderheads loom, lit on fire, consume
Through smoldering eyes, time is devoid
Divine, are echos, anomalies quite soon

Drops of ink, waters in the world’s eye
Signs of the times, when time is devoid
Divine, are peaceable, one love aligned

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In the above poem, each line was limited to exactly 19 characters.
Also lots of rhythm, rhyme and unique structural schemes, as well.
Curious question :thinking:What does the above poem mean to YOU?

Written the day before v1.5 dropped.


It means…“Don’t touch the eeeeeggggssss!!”

But seriously, a poem like that needs some time to ruminate upon. It gives me that warm floaty nostalgic feeling, And I suppose that is a s close to “meaning” as I can get.

Thanks for sharing it with us.