Love Letters 💌

Sean Murry and Hello Games,

You’re only 27+ people, and we’re millions, but we’re all family now.

Thank you for No Man’s Sky and for working so very hard for us! :heart_eyes:

:link: Click for The Travellers’ Book Community Edition (PDF) for download!

To Everyone in Our Big Family,

How have you been enjoying the universe, and with all these updates?

:writing_hand: Write as many thank you’s and as often as your heart may desire. :sparkling_heart:


Thank you. I am grateful for having my small space in that book.


I agree! NMS has helped me keep my sanity during these difficult times. The timing of Origins could not have been better.


Thank you Sean Murray and Hello Games,

Thank you for being willing to take on the ‘INSANELY HEAVY’ task of creating a near ‘INFINITE UNIVERSE’ in a digital application. :computer: Something that was once left only to the creative minds behind sci-fi novels and movie productions, or as the creative works of authors, illustrators, screenwriters, and perhaps even a playwright, if so inclined.

Star Wars, Star Trek, pulp fiction and countless classics, stirred the imaginative minds.


No Man’s Sky — Delivers what nothing else can, “The ability to be an active participant.”


An unfathomable and ‘astronomalous’ existence, as an extension to one’s real-life.

No Man’s Sky is not just a game, it is an ‘EXPERIENCE!’

Or stated more specifically, a tangible state of being that comes complete with the ability to explore and survive, AS and WITH ragingly super cool looking :man_astronaut: astronauts and aliens, where lifelike worlds and NPC’s not only fool all senses of reality and belonging, but in fact embellish an augmented and virtual existence, by extension of our own realities.


The embellishments are everywhere to be found, all while choosing spectacular starships and multi-tools, that climax into the breathtaking ‘blastoff,’ into the outer limits of the vastness of space.

Lost? No! - “Forever found dreaming in forever stars!”

Our eyes awash with starglitz — “My God, the stars!” — On a most unfathomable scale of 18+ quintilian planets, :ringer_planet: where new stars are born, in a universe that is always growing stronger and expanding further, in what provides the exceptional illusion of a real, life-breathing and infinite universe, an interdimensional cross-reality (aka. XR), that never stops, not even to skip a beat.

No Man’s Sky — Is it really all just a game? — If so, then — It is, “The Game of Life!”

And to think that all of this, with all its daily, and nightly and ongoing activities, is somehow spread across the vast swathings of numerous galaxies, untold regions, forever unexplored star systems and ever-increasing biome diversities of fauna, flora, minerals, terrain, weather and the anomalous unexplained, and all that on the crazed and wild levels of near :infinity: ‘INFINITE VARIETY.’


“You have to be a little crazy to pursue such madness,”

Is the description of a great ‘GENIUS’ and the Magnum Opus of their master art.