Sean Murray interview with the Guardian

Hey guys been quite busy with stuff last few days so sorry if this has been shared, so much to catch up on including the ARG but I just woke up and read this with my morning coffee. It’s a conversation I’ve been waiting for Sean to have for two years.


All the love in the world for the people at Hello Games that had to endure that hell and still managed to persevere…he’s absolutely right to say it was terrible for them to be compared to games like Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous when the developers of those games had 50+ people for every one that Hello Games had. It’s even more mind blowing that NMS with NEXT becomes unquestionably better than both of those other games.


It’s crazy to think someone actually sent a bomb threat because they didn’t see any butterflies at launch even though they were present at launch. There was a lot of stuff on that big list of “lies” I recall thinking, “what? No, I’ve seen that… What?!”

They were super rare as far as I remember, saw my first one after a week or so of non stop, ‘time off work’, sim exploration. I’ve noticed they’re more common now (or I’ve got lucky lately) but you have to wonder did half of these morons even leave their home system or did they assume they’d see all the stuff in an hour like in most games?

I guess it was then they noticed their best friend, the Internet, was also angry and then reverted to herd/mob mentality and once again helped their friend, the Internet, harass a bunch of people undeservedly so, which is pretty much the Internets favourite thing to do these days.

Trial by social media gets worse and worse every year, it’s like pitchfork and torches except its 4chan and the blue glow of a smart phone screen that comes to your door.


Well, I sent them a love letter… there had to be some of that, too, hopefully!
Maybe was just Scotland Yard reading bug reports and love-letters at that point. :cry:


Damn there’s some digusting people in this world… But we knew that already… People who make threats are [unfortunately] simply misguided-and-misplaced souls who also lack vital DNA components which make us modern human being - the sorts of people that are so dissatisfied with their own lives that they inflict their misery on others…

For that reason, people like us, with our myriad (excuse the pun!) personas, are grateful that @Seanmurray has (and still is) finding a way to make his epic vision a virtual reality for most to escape this modern world of eat, sleep, grind, repeat… Sure he’ll get rich, and rightly so for anyone who can flip-a-dream like this…

Thank you @SeanMurray & the HG team - is all I can justly say …that and… F#@k the media, haters, and all the knuckle-dragging brain-dead cave-men morons.

:peace_symbol: Gimme NEXT already! These levels of salivation cannot be sustained :tongue: :man_playing_water_polo: !!