No Man's Sky Haiku - Post Your Poems


Inspired by a comment from @sheralmyst and @LilLadyD76 in the Waking Titan Future Tasks thread I came up with a Haiku for No Man’s Sky. So here’s a thread for anyone who feels inspired to post a No Man’s Sky themed Haiku poem, with the only ‘rule’ you must include the three words ‘No Man’s Sky’ in any way you like. But maybe you’d like to use three other themed No Man Sky words? You decide.

Add an accompanying No Man’s Sky image with your poem if you wish or combine the two.
This isn’t a competition but everyone gets kudos for anything posted. *Please just post a Haiku poem only in this thread and one accompanying image if you wish. Though you can post as many poems as you like. Thanks!

Haiku art is greater than the poem itself. It is a human expression of the physical world, a thought on the very nature of existence and ideally affects any reader with a strong feeling or impression. The subject matter could be any observation within the Lore of No Man’s Sky.

Haiku Poems as far as I know are three lines only. The first line contains 5 syllables, the second 7 syllables and the third 5 syllables usinng the pattern 5,7,5. Don’t worry too much about getting syllables right in your language, just don’t use too many, less are preferred but keep to three short lines. There are minor differences in translation from a traditional language Haiku to English regarding syllables. So if anyone wants to write in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and so on, for authenticity or any language that’d be cool too.

Future Tasks

Akira bright light,
Rage burns to dust, No Man’s Sky
Night stars fly, Heaven waits.


Echoes of thunder,
Shadows flee this No Mans Sky,
Fur and flesh will collide.


High clouded mountain
lost in No Mans Sky
betrayed by Atlas


Hostile frozen land
Weary walker stops for breath
Distant shelter waits


Sky above dull stone
No man’s symbols face thee
Silent star chain waits


A soul in the void
Mysterious vessel
Her truths elude me


Abandoned my farm
Monumental mistake made
Remembrance required


It’s hard to work a story into 17 syllables. To include a change of mood or direction is harder still. To end it with a joke is genius.



Is this all a dream?
“Simulation override.”
… Too much No Mans Sky.


How’d I do? :joy: Jokes are not my forte.

Here’s a song about haikus where they mispronounce the word forte cos holy crap, on topic and relevant for once

(all the lyrics are in haiku format)



Very nice Haiku, it’s beautiful in fact.


Waking Titan cries!
NO! No Man’s Sky cipher dies,
Liz dreams … OWS74E

Little Haiku poem puzzle

Drifting amid clouds,
Below me lurk glass beings.
You are not alone