Player Models and Design Discussion June 2018

In the pics we’ve been teased with, it’s noticeable that each of the coloured players has different suit and helmet designs plus other differences in suit features.
I noticed that the other image (found buried in code somewhere), features yet another helmet design, more reminiscent of an old diving helmet than the cliché space/visor style we’ve seen previously.
I’m wondering if player models and custom or assigned differences are going to be part of the update or if these variations might come with modes or PVP settings. Perhaps it is a new enemy or is a hint at underwater exploration like was discussed some time back in relation to hints in the NMS lore.
Your thoughts…
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Well, technically, we already have an Aerator/helmet thingy… :grin: so it would make sense to have a new and improved version that we will be able to see soooooo, I say Yes! :sunglasses:


Maybe related to the glitchy pictures we saw of spaceship looking like submarines… maybe they will add more content /or better access to immersed parts of the planets … :sunglasses:


I always imagined the aeration techs as membranes or force bubbles that tightly surround the body. The same thing goes for the hazard protections.

Perhaps, the new suit types and attachments have specified spots for techs or tech types that can be installed with a unique bonus to techs of that type. (i.e. aquatic exosuit, temperature hazard exosuit, combat exosuit, deep space exosuit, scout exosuit, ect.)


Cool idea. Since our suits will be visible, switching/adding functions would be better than having to constantly change gear .


We have ships and multi-tools with specific bonuses. I could easily see a new exosuit system doing the same.


I sort of felt the specific environment upgrades were individually specific bolt-ons that would be different to the forcefield type aquatic membrane. That would make sense for upgraded tech to be physically visible on a suit.


While we’re talking suit upgrades…

Last night I had a dream they gave us boot upgrades that basically functioned like terrain manipulator, except wherever you ran towards, land would appear beneath your feet.

Essentially you could look up at an angle, hold the magic boots button, and just walk towards the sky and over rough terrain, it think it also collapsed behind you eventually, essentially being loaded out and replaced with a crumbling soil animation a few feet back.

I’ve been playing so much lately I’m dreaming about ridiculous features when I sleep :joy:

#wewantourmagicdirtboots #bootsorweboycott