Pirate Freighter

I have noticed the pirate decor comes and goes. I have not changed systems but I have moved it around within my current system.


Yeah, seems the game forgets it’s a pirate freighter (or the NPCs are fighting over interior decor in a passive aggressive fashion. I prefer the latter explanation, it’s more fun. XD )


After the long hunt for my S-class capitol ship, I will not be getting one for my main save. It sounds too buggy at the moment anyways.

I do have a few questions for my newer saves before I try to get one:

  • Does your base transfer?
  • Are there different classes (C through S ?)
  • Can you modify the colors?

Base DOES transfer.
Unsure of class variations, sorry.
Colours ARE variable (including engine glow) & due to the patchier hull design, this results in a much more interesting looking ship than the previous offerings.

Note: hanger is forward of mid way so summoning it whist pulsing in starship requires a heavy swerve to not over shoot the hanger entry.


And it is BIG, like really dang big

Called it in to help the settlers and scared them into a frenzy. :rofl: :rofl:


Yes there are different classes. Took me about 2 and a half hrs to get my S-class.

System economy and star class does not matter. Its a flat 5% chance for it to spawn an S-Rank in any pirate system.

My grind:


For the Pirate Dreadnought to spawn, you currently require to ‘own’ a freighter already, or else it will just be the regular rescue event. Outside of the 3 hrs 5 warps requirement, you can also randomly get the event to spawn (fixed system), but only in medium or high-tier conflict level, which includes Outlaw systems. This also means you can easily farm this random event, once you do find such a fixed system that has it. It will trigger every single time you warp to it.

For class spawn of any freighter, including the new dreadnought, it follows regular ship spawning rules. This is based on economy class of the system, with Outlaw 5%, 3-star 2%, 2-star 1%, and 1-star 0% chance on S-class.