Photo submitted for calibration

So curious what have you folks submitted so far?

My submission from Germany is this beautiful and not nightmare inducing Mouse shaped bell chime (I tried the bell church but it is the middle of the night so too dark)


Here this is from my hometown. The old bell of the church. I am from Germany too^^


Nice picture.

Edit: Yep, seems like wind chimes are perfectly valid. Just not sure if they’re always “public”, but who knows. :slight_smile:

Hi, i’m also from Germany. I took this picture from the church in the area where i used to live and go to. I’m from Brunswick (Braunschweig :wink:


Here’s the bell from my city which someone still goes at the top of the church tower and shake it manually while yelling what the time is.
One of my friend lives near it, and if everything is really quiet, we can hear the old man screaming (:slight_smile:


I always liked these kinds of structures


Mine is… different. :upside_down_face:

As I said

In that other thread

My druggie brother

Ran off with ALL my batteries

My camera is dead

Didn’t feel like going out in this heat

Or trying to borrow one

Or a phone - yes, I’m a luddite without a cellphone

So I poked around online

For a happy image with a bell

From around here.

Yes I’m a weirdo. :rofl:


I’m near a Church, but being lazy I picked this thing that is hanging around at my place.


Would an alarm clock work? its certainly loud enough?

Considering you hit it, it might be a “percussion” instrument. It is certainly out of the box.

All the churches near me got bombed during WW2 and rebuilt in a modern style with enclosed bells. I will probably have to settle for taking a shot of a tower and be done with that.

As a matter of interest what were the questions you were asked after the photo upload?

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Two images above are from a bell in one of our canals to order from the water for the Ice Cream shop located there.
(Alkmaar, The Netherlands)

Note: Did not go out, as it is dark, but made sure it is actually publicly reachable.


Mine so far, one i ran out and took, the rest from my old deviant page, and then a few more i had on my phone from last 3 years :slight_smile:

A fun lil busker on dublins busy pedestrianised Grafton street, known for its live music and street artists

Liberty bell in st patricks park

This was the one I ran out and got, local church on Bird Avenue, Dublin 14, bout 15 minuts from mine

Church In saggart (cant make out the bell though) one of my oldies from a defunct deviant art page

The protestant church in Rathcoole, Co. Dublin. My home town :slight_smile: Must pay the folks a visit soon

St patricks parade, maybe last year or before?

Burgoyne Bell (okay this one I sourced online, I’ll admit that!)


Is it possible that every person that uploaded a google image are disqualified ? just wondering (:


Considering its very late for a lot of europe right now, I think theyd understand a lot of people don’t want to go out on the streets right now. It was dusk when I got the email here so I was fortunate enough to get one shot outside, the rest ive sourced from old photos or image sharing accounts ive used, plus that would exclude agoraphobics from joining in if we all had to get our photos in real time from the physical world.


I completely stick with that though @toddumptious


I Wonder, if I can Upload a picture of an church Tower Nest my House, but you dont exactly See the church bell.
What do you guys think?


Here’s a wind chime in Texas


I think as long as the bell is in function and everyone hears it during the day, you’ll be fine!


I sincerely doubt they’re going to be scouring Google maps for these locations or to see how explicitly we follow their directions. If anything, I’m betting they want to paint in a rough map of their fanbase and how far we spread. And it’s kind of a cute young Citizen Scientist participation experience. Though I have to wonder what they’ll make of my submission above… :grin:

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