Petscop - A Mystery

Petscop is an ARG/Creepypasta made in the form of a series of Youtube videos on a channel bearing that name. It starts out as a Let’s Play of a fictional game called Petscop by a guy refered to as Paul. Over time, the game seems to begin playing itself as it seems to contain an AI that learns from the inputs given to it by players.

Although the series has ended and its creator has revealed himself, he has never fully explain what all happens in the story. I know all of you are very good at unraveling mysteries like this, and would like to see you all try your hand at it.

Some of the main questions I would like to answer: What happened to Paul? Was he kidnapped or killed? Is the character in the ending scenes being played by him or the game’s AI?

Here is a playlist of the full Petscop series to begin:


Pyrocynical did a good video providing an introduction to the series:

Pyrocynical never made another video about Petscop and its later videos, so one of his fans did it for him. It pretty much just sums up what happens in the videos, but provides no concrete analysis of its mysteries:

Game Theorists did several videos on the game, but they never did analyze the final videos and it’s been about a year since they said they would in a few more weeks, so it looks like they never will.


Nightmare Expo (Nexpo) is thankfully taking up this series. Hopefully he will finish it and explain all the mysteries:


Nexpo’s last video on Petscop is out. It’s still so confusing, but I like his interpretations.