Patient Intervention Thread - Nina


We still have two dreamers left to unlock, so I don’t think extraction is this weekend…I think the extraction will be next weekend on the 20th-22nd to close out the ARG just on time for NEXT to release on Tuesday the 24th.


She said she had a high school gaming club, she IS the Nina Simon knew!!!


The code is

Simon We know her favorite books to read were by Tamora Pierce. But now we also know she was in a gaming club in highschool with Simon. Her and Simon used to be really close friends until they stopped talking one day. She wants us to put them in the simulation together??? That’s huge!!! Could this be hinting at the next event???


But here’s what I’m talking about when I said I think we can’t do anything else for Nina and we may not be able to extract her, here’s a comparison between Nina’s corrupted extraction node and Simon’s functional extraction node.

First note the white progress bars under their names…Simon’s isn’t full while Nina’s is…which I think means we’ve done all we could for her:

Next up is Simon’s functional extraction node:

Compared to Nina’s corrupted extraction node:


Maybe the last two dreamers will be Alex and Rajit ? It would make sense they’re the other two members in their gaming club.


Yeah this might be it for her it looks like


In one path of this new conversation, Nina asks to be put in a simulation with Simon. Emily says she thinks she could do it, but that it might not be safe. This has to be forshadowing of something, so either:
a. Nina will try to meet Simon and it goes horribly wrong and she is lost (an Artemis situation).
b. Nina going to Simon is part of the extraction event and they get out together.
c. Third possibility?


I agree with the sentiment there should be some way for us to be able to help her and the one thing that makes me think we will be able to help her is that a couple of weeks ago we were told to prepare for difficult choices…so I expect something along the lines of us being offered a way to get Nina out but then that will require us to leave another candidate for extraction behind…Alexander is an easy candidate for this one I think.


Third possibility is we get Simon out and he helps us get Nina out.


That was what I meant in possibility 2.


But the top triangle “data corrupted” box for Nina says “event”. So maybe the event will unlock the last conversation node and repair the extraction node. A long shot I know, as your logic involving the defrag percentage is spot on. Just a thought…


No, it doesn’t…that’s broken too as is her first conversation…if it was a working node you wouldn’t see it as broken and and it wouldn’t read “data corrupted”…I can’t show you what a good, locked, and incomplete functional community event node looks like because all the ones uncovered so far have either been completed or aren’t unlock-able but the difference is about the same as the difference between Simon’s good extraction node and Nina’s corrupted one…those are almost certainly permanently corrupted.


Here, I put Simon’s good extraction event next to Nina’s broken one, note how despite the fact that both are locked Simon’s node is still a complete node, not missing any pieces while Nina’s is missing pieces and looks a lot more faded out? Note how Simon’s good extraction event node has the words “Stream Downlink Address(Community Event)” written underneath it while Nina’s broken extraction node just says “Data Corrupted”? Same deal for all the other locked nodes…if they look broken(missing pieces, more faded than they should be for locked events) and read “Data Corrupted” instead of telling you what they are underneath them then they are probably permanently broken:



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