Patient Intervention Thread - Nina


Is her age mentioned at any point? Seems older than Claire but still quite young…early-mid teens if I had to guess.


If it was I didn’t go down that branch, I’d agree with your guesstimate. I imagine this weekend we will be doing something for her.
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My thoughts about Nina.

I feel like Nina might be Native American. This would explain why she got emotional during the ink blot, a butterfly with cut wings. :bug::butterfly: Butterflies play significant roles depending on the tribe. As do worry stones. So, it would make sense that she feels stressed out being in that setting. Who knows, maybe something happened to her tribe…


A tendancy towards Agorophobia perhaps, not liking crowd’s and busy places!!


I was thinking the same. It was actually the first password I tried.


I thought of that first as well, however, didn’t we already use that on someone else? See, already I am getting all of these patients confused…glad I am not a nurse…:scream: :laughing:


The flick of the wrist and the flap opening in the base of the backpack, I can only think is something to do with the Jet Pack, and not some biological evacuation process!!!:confounded::joy:


There is something very weird about Nina’s exosuit, The legs have tight bands right at the knees as if she had lost both her legs at some point…


Three of the Dreamers have 100% defrag and data corrupted, but Nina is at only 50% defrag but data corrupted, all the others are different.


Nina still has one more node which is uncorrupted. It will eventually unlock, and then she’ll be at 100%.


Update guys


Yasss its finally unlocked!! Lets crack this one finally


She doesn’t like Sci-Fi…booo, A&S, booo…poor character writing! lol, just kidding. :laughing:


The code is Simon, thru the conversations she reveals she entered the sim because he was entering it


Just solved it too…this was really nice and simple, once you figure out which book genre she likes(which isn’t very hard because she believes in worry stones) the details just pop out. I didn’t get it first time because I couldn’t not go for Sci-Fi first time around lol. I was really hoping Emily would suggest the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, which is more or less the bible of Sci-Fi.


So maybe the event for her will start tomorrow ?


I vote yes please


We still have an event to do for Mike & Phillip, this may take a while


I think that’s going to be it for Nina…every other node left is corrupted which I think means the nodes can’t be unlocked…and the white bar thing under her name is full white…which I think means we did all we possibly could for her. This is a concern…because if we can’t properly access her extraction node she might not survive.


So i wonder what will open element 6 , will there be a start to extractions this weekend ?