Patient Intervention Thread - Claire


Oh, this goes hella deep


Unless their “bodies” are the memory drives in which they’re stored


I think Dr. Cheng would have mentioned that.


One of the first thing Emily told us about this test (though I may have misread or misunderstood this) was that the memories wouldn’t be fully reliable due to the corruption, and that we weren’t talking to the dreamers themselves really but just their corrupt digital avatars in an attempt to recover their minds and pull them out, so its quite possible certain facts are being askewed like this.


I had the impression that this was all delusional. Some sort of fantasy he has created in his mind since first speaking to Emily.


I don’t think so. The guy can’t recognise faces, and has some form of dementia. Thinking emily was his wife because the name triggered something in his memory seems a very plausible explanation.


New nodes for Claire!! :smiley:


Huh? You mean the final two conversations before the headset that unlocked two days ago?


Haha soz I’m a bit behind lol


I figured out the top of the two newest nodes spolier if you can’t figure it out and want to figure it out still. Can’t figure the bottom yet :confused:

Thanatophobia (Fear of Death)


Been pouring over the C3 fragment and am pretty sure it has something to do with her dad. Maybe his name? Her dog and mom don’t seem to be the answer.


Here’s a hint(just a hint): She gives you three pieces of information about when he left

And here is the actual answer if you still need help: 2015/07/07


Wow, can’t tell you how many times I danced around that one… :frowning:


Dear sweet pudding I had it like twice, wrong order. For the love of Atlas, praise to you interloper! :smile:The order of numbers.


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