Patient Intervention Thread - Claire


Yes i can understand why W/ARE accepted her, i just try to understand why her mother let her doing this experiment.
But anger issues is a consistent explanation.


I don’t think Sophie would let her daughter either…but Claire may have been kidnapped by WARE and Dubois not knowing where they took her would have made it difficult to do anything against them if they blackmailed her.


In that case Claire would tell it no ? And Emily would tell her we know her mother.

EDIT. And she’s now in a Myriad facility so “safe”.


Depends…if she was put to sleep and then woke up in the simulation Claire may not have any idea that she was kidnapped or what is going on. Would be interesting to ask her if she knows how she got into the simulation but I don’t think we’ll be able to…all that is left for Claire is her release event.


Someone catch me up on this dreamer buisness


Go here, click around, have fun:


We’re just making thories based off the information we’ve learned about the Dreamers with specific focus on the certain names.


I said them, not us. The dreamers might all be AI since we haven’t seen their bodies.


But first of all this relates to the Waking Titan ARG that sort of ties into the story of NMS…a bit anyway…do you know anything about Waking Titan at all? Have you participated at all before…either earlier this year or last year?


I don’t really think that’s where they’re going with this but possible…I will say this though it’s definitely likely at least one of the dreamers isn’t a human being and is just an AI…#231187661T is the prime suspect for sure…I liked your idea of #231187661T being an AI based on Elizabeth Leighton’s brain scan.


My theory now is that Emily is filling in the dreamers’ missing memories with false information; that’s why they keep saying names Emily knows. At best Emily is using unorthodox techniques to save them, at worst she is brainwashing them.


At this point guessing at the intentions of Emily is pretty much a shot in the dark…but it’s certainly possible they can take a very dark turn with her a la Ex Machina or Transcendence.


We didn’t see bodies but in the Memo after the operation we learnt that Myriad team found 12 dreamers and “exfiltrate” them in one of their sublocation.


Yeah I was just throwing ideas out there. Now I think it’s more likely Emily is editing their memories.


Perhaps Reavers? :scream:


Hmm? Not sure what you’re speaking of, can you elaborate?


Seems wierd they have shrinks and not real medical observations. All about mental state. Makes me think Reavers. People going nuts for some reason. And why would they have a knock off Clair Redfield. Just observations. Don’t take them seriously


They don’t have a lot of medical observations because this is entirely new and experimental technology, not a lot of doctors around who would be able to help these people because nobody’s dealt with humans having their consciousness stuck in a simulation before…and we don’t really know how much information WARE may have destroyed once they knew they’d lose the facility. Now we just have to work with what we have to try to get these people out of those headsets…alive ideally. But we do have their technical supervisor…could get some good information out of him if we can get him to talk.


Claire we discovered was an unplanned child…or unexpected. Maybe that is a story plot that is being hidden by someone or W/ARE. Is it possible for a simulation to ‘create’ birth? Something W/ARE tried as an experiment with uncontrolled consequences… Of course her mind or anyone elses could have memories implanted. Just thought I’d add that one to the rumour mill. :slight_smile:

Claire certainly has a chip on her shoulder … maybe it’s a micro-chip lol


Atlas went through some trouble retrieving those bodies and got their CEO blown up in the process, so I feel relatively save in believing that those bodies do in fact exist.