Patient Intervention Thread - Alexander


…Fast running out of sounds that start with ‘B’


He describes seeing a red dot in the sky but that can’t be a real memory…or at least it couldn’t have been anything remotely close to an Atlas…his early childhood was in real life late 1930s - early 1940s…this was many decades before WARE, Emily, and everything else that would lead to this simulation and the creation of the Atlas…which never existed in real life anyway…at least not in any more capacity than on machines at fixed locations. So what did this guy see? He’s not showing as corrupted but he could be suffering from some sort of mental illness beyond just poor memory as he seems to forget Emily between conversations.


Yeah it’s either misidentification from it being such an early and terrifying memory or he’s confusing memories from the sim with his own, if you take him to the basement he doesn’t mention what he saw just that he did see something but was too terrified to share what it was. Also considering his age the memory fits in nicely with an era that was known for rural extra terrestrial activity, he may very well have experienced some sort of encounter that night :wink: or like most young people in that era, caught up in the hysteria of such stories and immediately thought of that when seeing a red orb (that may have been a natural occurrence like blood moon etc)

As for his memory, definitely not corrupted. We know he went to the clinic in sacramento to help with his memory, to see the “sleep doctor” m, he wasn’t sure of treatment method just that he remembers a lot of questions and it involved dreaming. So early alzheimers /dementia seems to be the problem and it’s this very disease that is making this do difficult. My granny had alzheimers and it can be very difficult but patience will be your greatest ally and lead you to some beautiful moments and conversations.

Here’s hoping we can do the same with our dear friend Alexander. If you notice, Emily is Very impatient this time and I think that’s a hint, patience, peace and comfort is what Alex needs right now.


I noted that a while back and it seems counterproductive…

I think the idea of the red dot in the sky being a confused crossover between memory and simulation is quite plausible.


However her impatience pays off in the second conversation, if you remind him of the sim immediately you can get some interesting information from him… But going the other route also yields results. :thinking: Hmmm


Alexander is having problems with facial recognition, the first node is Prosopagnosia


Maybe the B stands for Bull! and also I get the feeling his Father may have died in the fire,


Thank you @SingularGleam


I tried that last night but was so tired I think I spelt it wrong :see_no_evil:

Thank you Singular!!

I’ve been assuming Jacob is his younger brother Jaque this whole time, or perhaps a son named Jacob but I dunno.


Nicely done…I would have never solved this one…not based on what we learn from the first node and not helped by the fact I had never heard of the disease.

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I think the clowns was a nice little tiny hint towards it, they all had the same smiles but this only freaked him out later after developing this mental illness.


Yes, and then not recognizing Emily. I tried Alzheimer’s first.


So since the first result was a disease or mental illness maybe the second one is too…problem for me is I’m not very familiar with many at all just common stuff like Alzheimer and the sort…the ones you can’t not hear about at some point.


Tried Anomic aphasia (also known as dysnomia, nominal aphasia, and amnesic aphasia) for node 2.
Means inability to remember names.
No luck.

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Perfect opportunity to google illness related to memory and brain function :slight_smile: that’s what I was doing before I fell asleep last night :joy: I think, my memory’s not the best :smirk:


Also tried PTSD & Post Traumati Stress Disorder.
No luck.
Trying to find a mental condition revolving around security blankey type fears.
He really wants the lamp…


Yes…the lamp is the big thing for him…not so much the lightning, which can also cause a fire. It’s as if him getting the lamp means that no matter what happens next it can’t be his fault and that’s all that matters.

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I can’t find a condition that directly relates to this…
I’ll keep trying variations.
They use ‘comfort items’ for victims in shock or following traumatic incidents.


Maybe fear of causing something…fear of causing fires…no idea if that’s even a thing lol. I’ll try to search some more in about 10-15 minutes after I take care of some stuff.


He says his father did not die but, it does seem the cows did. Have tried all forms of bull, bovine even Beelzebub since he said the bull was a spawn of Satan…lol

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