Overflow mineral extractor storage not working?

Hello everyone! I recently set up my first silver and gold mineral extraction operations. They are relatively modest - three extractors at the A class silver deposit, and two at the B class gold deposit. I have them hooked up to electrothermal power.

I set up each extractor with two storage silos apiece. I figured overnight at the rate they were going, the extractors would eventually fill both.

However, this does not appear to be working. One silo will fill with the mineral, and the other will be completely empty. I’ve left them alone for hours a few times, more than enough time for one to fill and the other to have at least half if not more filled. But the other silo will be completely empty.

I’ve double checked to make sure the pipe connections are green. Everything is powered. I check the status of each silo and each one says “Filling”. But each time I check, only one will get filled to the max and the other will be completely empty.


This sounds like a bug. It should probably be reported. I do not use extractors so I cannot add more info.


Well, this is pretty embarrassing.

After doing a bunch of tinkering, including deleting and rebuilding, the error appears to be about my understanding of the storage units.

When you have more than one storage unit per extractor, the extra units add more storage to the total that can be stored from that particular extractor. It is NOT the number of units per extractor. So if you empty one, you empty them both at the same time.

I was assuming that each storage unit held 2250. But each unit only holds 1250, and each unit also represents the total. Admittedly this is a bit confusing, because you physically have two storage units, but they share the same total.

So this was due to my misunderstanding.

I am going to give it overnight to see if my hunch is correct, and keep you posted.