Petty issue but, it really bugs me. Since this latest update (1.57?) I can’t keep up, anyway I can no longer place the oscilloscope on anything. It was difficult to place before but now it just won’t place at all…:sob: Please tell me it’s not just me…I love the oscilloscope. Makes a great PC monitor, a microwave and several other decorative things. :blush:


Okay I thought maybe was just me and because it was maybe a table in a corner of a square room I was trying to place it on last night. I’ve noticed sometimes as well certain objects create an invisible bubble you cant place around but Yr object sorta slides around it, thought maybe was just that too at the time.

But hearing this now, it Sounds like it might be a bug :frowning:

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Ok. With 1.58 exp, still cannot place the oscilloscope on anything but the ground…

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Is it just me, what is this scope you speak of…

I was able to place multiple oscilloscopes on tables in my bases while building the kitchen and research areas. It takes a lot of patience, a very steady hand and hand/eye coordination to click the instant the oscilloscope placement image turns green. I hope they fix this, it is very frustrating.

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