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So this would be interesting to know. I too am tired of running all the quest when starting a new save. I have never opened the JSON file…


# No Man’s Sky Save Editor

Change Log

1.13.9 - Update (1 May 2023)

  • Improved Add Item dialog search feature
  • Implemented archived technology packages properly in UI
  • Removed unused inventory containers from UI
  • Updated Move Item dialog to show names of multitool/ship where possible
  • Fixed issue with sorters on discovery tab

NMSSaveEditor has updated :link:

1.13.10 - Update (3 May 2023)

  • Updated techbox icons and text
  • Fixed potential issue with icons on discovery tab

NMSSaveEditor has updated v1.14.0 :link:

1.14.0 - Update (4 May 2023)

  • Full overhaul of the editor UI, using selectable Look & Feel options (including Dark mode)

… and

1.14.1 - Update (5 May 2023)

  • Updated logging functionality

Text Formatting

I figured I’d add the mod made by Azure here, after seeing the below video posted.

And as the video shows, and has been known for a couple of years, this can be done without the use of mods. Although the colours and styles are usually fine, there are custom tags that can cause issues! So be careful trying …

Here are full tables from my own Google Sheets:


MBINCompiler has updated version 4.25.0-pre1

Update for latest 11370594 (public) and 11373527 (experimental) releases (Crucible)

Note: This release requires ‘.net 5 x64 Desktop Runtime’ to run:
Download .NET 5.0 Runtime


NMS Save Editor

1.14.2 - Update (5 June 2023)

  • Improved settlement listing to show only settlements with teleport endpoints.
  • Updated settlement perks to allow any number of perks (determined by save file).
  • Fixed issue where non-technology items were showing up as broken due to damage factor.
  • Fixed highlight color in JSON editor so that it works in dark mode.
  • Updated UI colors for positive and negative traits / perks.
  • Updated coordinate viewer to allow any first glyph (warp still only goes to space).
  • Updated mappings for NMS 4.26
  • Removed buildable parts from add item dialog.

I moved your post from an archived category here, and edited to remove duplicate videos present in your other post below.

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MBINCompiler has updated v4.34.0-pre1 :link:

Update for current Steam Experimental update with buildid 11479551


NomNom has updated version

Finally updated for 4.3 and everything else since 4.0. Nothing much more for now but the next one is already in the works with focus on reading/writing/transferring save data and should fix a bunch of those bugs.

You might also want to take a look at the new Wiki here on GitHub! It’s not finished yet but should already give you a good overview and help.

Notable changes in this release:

  • Updated mapping and database to game version 4.34.

Full changelog here.


MBINCompiler has updated version v4.36.2-pre1 :link:

Update for latest Steam 11590273 (experimental) releases


Hi, I’ve noticed that it is easy to get confused on why certain of my past mods are not available , and I sometimes find people on the internet wondering why this or this previous mod is no more available .

the mods are mostly the same, regarding features and final results, though i redid some from scratch many times

This is a time line of my mods for a better understanding :

  • The community update ( pathfinder mods pack )
  • Space Adventures (Atlas Rises solo project, featuring lo2k’s mods & JJhooka’s mods )
  • No Man’s Sky: Origins ( Atlas Rises )

- Space Adventures 4NEXt ( full solo project that i didnt ended before the Abyss update, though, I published few small mods : Alien Worlds 4next, and others mods under the label “4NEXT” )

  • “The next big adventure” ( The Abyss )
  • “NMS Fantasy” ( Visions )
  • “NMS Beyond Fantasy” ( Beyond )
  • “NMS Fantasy Synthesis” ( Synthesis update / Living ships / Mech )
  • “NMS Fantasy Origins” ( Origins )

– after Prisms update i had to redo 90% of my mods from scratch, which took me some time )

  • “SCI FI FANTASY Core” ( Prisms / Frontiers )

*-- From here planets genration had dynamically generated biomes.

  • “NMS Fantasy Reborn” ( originaly announced as “Sci Fi Fantasy Extended” )*
  • “NMS Fantasy Reborn 2.0” ( Sentinel update )
  • “Game Overhaul for Outlaws” ( “outlaws” )
  • "Redmas Game Overhaul " ( “leviathan / Endurance” updates )

– From here i worked on auto-updatdable version thx to a lua script. ( Redmas game overhaul generator )

  • “Euphoria” ( Endurance / Waypoint ) ’ auto-genrated in lua script gameoverhaul. the script can be param to recreate previous mods : ( NMS Fantasy / NMS Fantasy Synthesis / NMS Fantasy Origins / Fantasy 2.0 / Epic Fantasy Assets ( Redmas game overhaul ) / Scifi Fantasy
  • Utopia revamp v1 ( Fractal update )
  • Utopia revamp v1.5 ( Interceptors )
  • Utopia Revamp v2.0 / NMS Scifi fantasy ( for the incoming update )

Utopia revamp is basically Euphoria with a smarter way to split the mods pack. paks are designed to work together and seperatly ( like i always did ) but i adapted it to the type of mods users. You have pak for vanilla players that just want to enhance the game. but you can add to that more in depth modding. This version of my mods is also entirely customisable througth the lua script .

I will as well put some old original versions on my previous Mods to the “NMS Retro” discord.


Key features of Redmas mods :

  • Auto updatable with AMUMSS
  • Highly Customisable ( even more if you use AMUMSS )

  • Dynamic Planet biomes creation ( highly unpredictable while sticking to the vanilla planets biomes rules )

  • Add hundreds of dynamicly created custom models generated with the assets existing inside the game. ( hidden on the planets )


  • New Character Presets using the new customisation possibilities given by SINGULARITY

  • World Generation polishing

  • HQ Space stations restored

  • Space reworks ( new algo for space colors & asteroids auto generation & more options)

  • Exocrafts geobays & old rooms in freighters bases

  • Freighters’ bridge reworked

  • World generation optimisation and better LOD

  • Spaceships controls rework with space inertia

  • New creatures generation rework

  • Performances optimisations & debugging

  • Cape movements enhancments

Visual Effects :

  • Add blur in the distance
  • Make out-of-atmosphere space objects visible
  • change the amount of fog
  • Make Rainbows bigger

Note that when you use that pak, you must enable Depth of field in the photomode.

  • Change default planet filters

  • Make space interiors darker

  • make water foams and waves look more natural

  • make water more transparent

  • replace default backgrounds menu with No Man’s Sky fanarts

  • improves flare effects

  • Remove default trails ( but keep the others one )

  • remove speed effects while boosting and pulse-warping

  • Remove speed trails on fins

  • change all colours palettes ( 90% based on Pathfinder’s vanilla Colour planets )

  • change space colours

  • change nebula colours

  • change stars colours

  • change water colours

  • increase water colours possibilities

  • Add shinny silver parts to fighters & dropships

  • add burnt paint parts to fighters spaceships

  • Fresh shinny paint to explorers spaceships

  • Add shinny gold paint to sentinels

  • Add shinny silver parts to fighters & dropships
  • add burnt paint parts to fighters spaceships
  • Fresh shinny paint to explorers spaceships
  • Add shinny gold paint to sentinels

Cameras :

  • far cam while using the jetpack
  • far cam while using rocket boots
  • Close cam inside freighters and space spations
  • Close cam while grabbed by an underwater monstrosity
  • Improved cam for all exocrafts, easing the mining from an exocraft
  • Improved Cam for all spaceships, easing view in space combat + Larger cam rotation in 3rd person
  • increased general
  • Better Cam Placement during system warps
  • no cam shakes ( exept for big avents ( volcano, sandworms, pain hits, etc ) )

  • Mining speed x10

Side effects :
More dynamic environement under combat

  • New customisable Dragonfly exocraft with procedural shapes.
  • DragonFly spawns at tradingposts

  • Handlings Revision ( watch demo videos )

  • Exocrafts headlights Boost

  • Pilgrim New Skin

Roamer New Skin

  • Colossus new Skin

  • Walk animation as default ( optional version of the mod )
  • Jetpack precise controls
  • Shield gives unlimited sprint
  • Longer steath use
  • Faster underwater jetpack
  • Fast Swiming
  • Fast Focus
  • More effective rocket boots
  • More accurate rotations

Redmas Interactive objects:

  • Farm more easily from your bases and spacestations :
    o Plants pot decorations Generates Sodium, Salt, Carbone, or Oxygen.
    o Fan Ventilation generates oxygene .
    o Collect All ferrite substances in Large Flat Crates.
    o Collect Silver, Copper, Platine & more in Cubic Crates.
    o Collect Chromatic Metal, Ionised Cobalt,Nanites and more in Freighters Hangars & Space stations Crates.
    o Collect Chlore on sea plants Decorations

  • Quality of life:
    o Talking to Freighters crew will help you develop language learning and race standing levels.
    o You can build exocrafts geobays inside the ferighter base
    o You have access to system market from the freighter hangar
    o You have access to a Nexus type portal from the freighter hangar
    o You have access to spaceships customisation from the freighter hangar
    o Scan environement from anywhere ( freighters or bases ). Large Computer Desks are signal scanners.
    o Customise character skin from anywhere ( freighters or bases ). Lockers & Draws open character customization.
    o Save from anywhere. Beds & Light Tables are save points. ( /!\ dont save while freighters derelic missions, you are not meant to do it /!\ )
    o Upgrade your suit from your base. Roof Monitors open upgrade suit interface. (same costs that on space stations - this is only to avoid the travel).
    o Weaponrack allows to buy infinitly new multitools (the seed depends on the weaponrack ‘s location).
    o Tradingposts have savepoints, char customisations stations, portals, & depending on system race : Spaceship customisation, suit upgrades or weapon shops.

  • Missions overhaul ( this will change the context of the mission - not the mission itself ):
    o Start or end missions from your Settlement. Talking to settlements people will give you missions prompt
    o Start or end missions from your Base. Screen monitors decorations open NPC’s missions’ interface.
    o Start or end missions from Freighters Base. Freighters’screens in corridors will give you missions prompt
    o Start or end missions from Freighters hangars. You have a missions terminal inside the freighter hangar ( small monitordesk )
    o Start or end missions from Trading posts. You have a missions terminals inside trading posts ( small monitordesk )
    o Start or end NEXUS missions from Freighters hangars. You have a Nexus missions terminal inside the freighter hangar ( small monitordesk )
    o Start or end NEXUS missions from Player Bases. Terminal monitors decoration open NEXUS MISSIONS interface.
    o Start or end NEXUS missions from TRADINGPOSTS. You have a Nexus missions terminal inside tradingposts ( small monitordesk )

  • Dragonfly, Redmas New Customisable Exocraft:
  • Trading post have another exocraft that you can borrow and customise.
  • Cockpit is dynamicly customisable with the geobay ( shapes and colors )
  • Dragon fly is un unused exocraft similar to the nomad ( the model is custom made by me. I recommand Redmas Super vehicles with aside this mod )

Redmas More bodyshapes options :

  • Customize stations have more inbetween body shapes options ( visible by multiplayer encounters, and persistent in your saves. ( 4 in vanilla / 20 in the mod )

Redmas Building overhaul :

This will give advanced building possibilities ( all the changes where made case by case ( which prevents you from doing things that are messy for the game ))
Note that those built changes will persist in your save when you remove the mod or are visible by vanilla players.
o can build underwater structures, above water
o Can add more decoration and wood, concrete, metal walls, doors, floors and windows to freighters bases ( I’ve filtered the ones that will bug your base if u place them ))
o Can place decorations on settlements ( interiors and exteriors ) ( once u learned them ) ( you can also place them anywhere on worlds without a base ( as a side effect )
o [OPTIONAL] Free power : Electromagnetic generators gives power wherever you place them
o Exteriors standing lights are auto powered ( this change was made for decorating your settlement )
o You can put Exocrafts geobays in your inventories
o You can put power generators, batteries, and health stations in your inventories
o You can resize more things ( i ve filters the ones that will made you bug your game )

Visual change :

  • Large Buildings trading posts (trading posts have large procedural buildings)
  • Redesigns planets ( but keeps the vanilla biomes / your moded biomes - it adds on top of it )
  • Spawns a big part of the custom models
  • Improves Grass

o Ruins
Replace the ruins by city looking ruins

o Underwater

o Caves

  • Redesign the caves
  • Spawn additional custom models on them
  • They spawn fiends eggs and treasure chests.

o Crystals

o Top mountains

  • spawns new stuff on mountains
  • allways gives ferrite
  • Generates Rocky beaches

o Beaches

  • This will spawn stuff near water

o Depots

o Beacon model replacement

o Portals model replacement :

o Knowledge stones model replacement

o Bonus Feature
Sentinel pet - model replacement

Sandworms, Giants and Behaviours

  • This will make sandworm slide on surface and spawn more often and wander.
  • This will make giants creatures possible
  • This will improve Creatures behaviours and animations
  • Fiends spawn in mass but can be one shot ( more dynamic & scary )
  • Pets behaviour more natural ( stay closer )
  • creatures can be ride longer and they go faster in run ( but their walk speed is slow ( inspired by tired hourses ) )
  • More creatures in cave
  • Movements rework
  • More Creatures hunting the player.
  • rework all creatures sizes with a better LOD


  • Intense spawning for small creatures like birds

  • Enables the deprecated “Constructs” mod for current update.
    With additional customisations ( textures rework, new spawning, etc )



o the mod have “hidden” spots where you can fill your inventory with missing ressources when you are stuck, or when you cant play the game every day and get all the ressources and you need them fast :

  • In space stations you have loot on boxes and tanks
  • In any ferighters hangars the boxes loot as well.

o Don’t save in derelic freighters missions, the game engine is not meant for it.
The new interactive objects feature allows to save there as a side effect.
I ve disabled it when i can, but i have tons of files to scan to remove them all.
So, it is possible you see a save prompt in a derelic freighter. Dont save, the derilic freighter will not be here when you load the save.
And i let you imagine where you will be.


MBINCompiler has updated v4.37.0-pre1 :link:

New version of MBINCompiler/libMBIN ,, just released, has a prerequisite of .NET6 DESKTOP. This will be the dependency through the end of the year. Latest version can be found at Download .NET 6.0 Runtime . Again, DESKTOP version, 99.9% of the time you’ll want x64, unless your computer is over 15 years old. lol

This is the first release which requires .net 6.
Download the desktop version from here if you are having issues running the program.


NMS Custom Model Importer (NMSDK) has updated v0.9.24 :link:

  • Fix exporting of texture filenames to always be upper case. #90
  • Fix issue with textures not being applied to multiple meshes #98 c/o @zagibu (github)
  • Dropped Circle CI as the CI provider and migrated to github actions #91