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NomNom Save Editor has updated

Long time no see!

Before we start, I want to let you know that there is now a dedicated Discord server for NomNom! I want to simplify the communication for further development with it. I’ll post updates there and you can post bugs and crashes, suggestions, or ask for help! All at one place. Big thanks to zousug for helping to set it up!
Here’s the invite:

There is no new stuff from the Companions , Expeditions , and Prisms updates yet as I focused on bug fixing first. But there are still some nice new things!

Notable changes in this pre-release:

  • No more incompatibilities due to new game updates once and for all (breaking changes can still occur).
  • Improvements to Microsoft and PlayStation platforms.
  • Mapping matches MBINCompiler again.
  • Settings are now stored portable right next to the executable (portable.config).

Asked the NomNom developer if the data for new updates will no longer be lost, as it previously did and he confirmed to have fixed this!

No more data loss and no more incompatibilities due to game updates :slight_smile:


Well, after some unexpected delays, I’ve finally released my baby! Hopefully Hello Games wont update and make it obsolete for at least a few more hours. :laughing: If you try it out, let me know how it goes!


Updated my mod for VR, and with some additional fixes.


Thanks, I can test it tomorrow in VR :slight_smile:


Here are my mod test results :slightly_smiling_face: In pancake mode the difference is well visible, but water in VR still looks very plain.

In VR, I have texture quality, post processing, base complexity set to high, animation quality and tesselation set to standard, and the rest (including reflections and volumetric) is set to enhanced, should I change any settings?


Not sure if this would be the right place to ask, but… Im having a few issues with my mods. If this isnt the right place to ask, please feel free to delete :slight_smile:
I have a few mods installed, and havent had an issue till now. But suddenly whenever I try to open the graphics settings, the game crashes and shows me a mod incompatibility screen. The same thing happens when try to load my own mod (Just edits the Debug Options) except that then it just crashes on load or when loading a save. Any help extremely appreciated!


@DevilinPixy You could probably help I guess


You say it’s your own mod that crashes nms on load - is it the only mod installed in that moment?
And you also use downloaded mods, and it crashes on the graphics settings screen — is that with or without your mod installed?

I’m no expert with nms mods, but the general approach is to find the culprit(s) and exclude them.

What changed before it started crashing? Nms update, mod changes, hardware changes, for example? If there was a mms update, one or more mods may have become incompatible. If you installed a new or updated mod, that one may be the culprit. Etc.
If I understood you correctly you said you wrote one yourself — does it work for other people?

Are your installed mods changing the world, meaning, if you uninstalled them, your save would break? Or are they stand-alone quality-of-life mods?

If they are standalone and few, remove all and try each by itself first to find the crashy one. If they all work fine by themselves, then you need to find out which combo of mods it is that clashes.

If you use dozens of mods, finding the broken combos will take a lot of time. you may need to remove them all and add them back in pairs, and test repeatedly. Start with the one most complex mod that is most important to you and pair it up with one each of all the others. If a pair crashes, you know your first culprit. If all pairs work, them the complex mod is likely innocent, and two (or more) of the others are the culprits.

If you use many tiny mods: The „binary method“ is to install one half of the mods and test, and then the other and test. (if the mods don’t come grouped by dependencies, then split them by a chosen criterion such as alphabetical order, or you have to keep a list.) The goal is to find the smallest subset that reliably crashes, and the largest subset that is compatible.
(If one half does not cause a crash, it does not mean these mods are 100% innocent, you can’t say. Some crashes only occur when two or three specific mods are used together.)
This is a very slow method and probably not worth the time…


Ah not the only mod installed, I have a few others installed, but if I load with my mod and the others, it crashes. Loading the others without my mod loads the game, but crashes on the graphics settings.

Thats the odd thing, nothing at all! There’s been no updates nor mod updates or hardware changes. I did install a few mods that lead to the game crashing outright, but have since uninstalled them. The problem went away for a bit, but came back recently when I installed the Argh Water Shader linked above and another one which edited GCDEBUGOPTIONS which I then removed.

My own mod, well I havent tested it in an isolated environment (I.E without other mods installed) so that might be an issue, however ive checked and none of my other mods edit GCDEBUGOPTIONS, so I didnt think it would be an issue. Ive only installed Eucliea, A black UI mod, Winder’s Interstellar style black hole (which now that I think about it, might be the culprit), Exosolar’s expanse, and a mod to change Pulse, Boost and base ship speeds, as well as hyperdrive range.

Thanks a lot for the help comrade! Ill check these last few mods and update.


When having crashes, always make sure to remove/disable all mods that have been installed, to ensure the cause is either the game or one or more mods. If the crashing persists without any mods installed, report this to Hello Games (and/or in #nms-origins:nms-origins-bugs-issues ). If the issue is caused my one or more mods, you’ll have to find the culprit.

If mods are conflicting, you could attempt to merge mods, if possible. If there is actually an issue with a mod, best to report it with the mod developer.

In case of developing your own mod, it is always best to start out as a standalone without any other mods involved. Once tested to be working fine on its own, you can start to include others, keeping possible conflicts in mind.

Let us know how you fare …


Thanks a lot for the tip! I managed to find the culprit mod, a black UI skin. I guess the graphics setting menus just didnt have a reskin or some false textures assigned and the game crashed? Ill have to post that on the mod link. Thanks for the help!


Hrmm… Tough to see much in the screenshot. Does it look any better not during a storm? What about during brighter daylight hours? Do you see normal reflections of the terrain in the water?

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Very cool. Listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise.


NomNom Save Editor has updated

New stuff incoming! Life took its place and therefore this one took a bit longer than expected but there are some exiting new features like a JSON editor and inter-platform save transfer!

Please note the following for the save transfer:

When you transfer a save with a base that has been uploaded, there will be two copies of the same base (the uploaded one that still belongs to the old account and the one that is now owned by the new account). Both versions will appear on top of each other and depending what angle you’re at when facing a base computer, you would randomly select the original one thus getting a message stating you are a guest or you’d select the correct one and be allowed to upload. Same goes for base parts. You can delete the parts that you own however the original parts would then be displayed and they can’t be deleted.

Notable changes in this pre-release:

  • Raw JSON editor is now available in a plain version without tree.
  • Saves can be transferred to another platform (between any supported) or to a different account within the same platform.
  • Updated database to game version 3.53.
  • Forced suit tech is now locked if there is only one in all suit inventories (was always locked before).
  • Fixed some issues when switching between regular/living ship types.

Full changelog here .

Also available at NexusMods:


New topic for Frontiers can be found below:


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