No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art

With every new upgrade there is also the birth of memories :slight_smile: My PC is full of all the pictures I took from all the versions lol


Found a system naturally called Diplomat just outside the ECSD Star Chain.

If it has diplosaur or some sort of democratic union, I’ll report back.

I think this is the smallest I’ve ever seen these guys get. Was shorter than the average tuft of grass.

The poor thing and their siblings were being chased by these predatory creatures, though only 1.5m tall, were colossi in comparison.

Slightly shorter than your average sentinel can

Accidentally recreated that Indiana Jones boulder scene while trying to get the can closer for scale :slight_smile:



20180722181101_1 (“NMS ORIGINS” mod)


I really don’t like his mouth. it remembers me something but what … ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like something Simon Bisley would come out with…


Saying farewell to an old friend! Can’t wait till NEXT



My journey continues. Another planet, this time a snowy one:


Doesn’t look that snowy up close though, rather barren:



I found a random traveller that gave me the coordinates of his grave. It was in the middle of a huge cave system:

There aren’t many creatures around, which is why I found them all rather quickly. I snatched the glyph and headed off.

'Nother planet, a hot one.

Again, I found a traveller and got another glyph. On the way to its grave, I took some photos of some rather impressive cliffs, littered with caves:

Found the grave, this time not that well hidden:

Markers sometimes give great views across the landscape:

Got the glyph, scanned all creatures, and I was off again.

Once I finished visiting all planets in that system, I focused on finishing my base, establishing my farm (limits off) and continuing the Artemis storyline. Which caused me to revisit some planet I was on before:

No to give any spoilers, I had to travel between quite a number of Holo-Terminals.

Last but not least, it brought me to this anomaly:

They (you know who I’m talking about) wanted me to visit another system, and as soon as I exited hyperspace, I was in the middle of a huge fight of pirates against a fleet of freighters.

I destroyed them and visited the main freighter’s captain, which offered a B class freighter - for a whooping 170 M units. Suffice to say, didn’t have that much with me at that time. But I’m on my way.

Here’s a shot of my fighter entering the freighter:

And of course, since I got into a new system, I just had to visit all of the planets. The first one was this incredibly looking hot desert planet. Also, I witnessed a glitch causing a far distant planet appearing in front of the planet’s atmosphere I was just about to land on:

It looks like a tiny moon, but unfortunately it’s just a visual glitch. One which I hope gets fixed in NEXT.

The surface of the planet is full of huge and deep canyons:

Flying through them was a real treat:

It is quite sandy, too, quite desert-y like:

Here’s a rather unusual sight: Birds that actually look like birds, not flying dogs:

Another picture of huge gorges:

The lasher plants had an interesting look, very similar to the planet’s appearance:

Sunsets on that planet are an incredible sight, especially in combination with a hot storm:

And here’s my roamer dubbed “Explorer” on the bottom of a canyon during the night:

Finally, another shot of the huge canyons there, during a storm:

Scanned all creatures and left again.

Not sure if I get all screenshots I took so far online before NEXT launches. Another 94 are left. I think I’ll just take the liberty of posting them even after the update comes out.


Here’s one i took half a year ago of an underwater Trading Post. The ships had no problem dropping into the water to land and lifting off the underwater pads and flying away. We’ll likely see more of this soon.


This is my creative base in the ETARC Hub. Sadly it has been corrupted by a monument built inside the stairwell.


I went ahead and finished the Artemis storyline. I also tried to finish my outpost. It is quite complete on the outside, but the interior is missing some parts.

Also, it contains a pretty large farm to get 4 Circuit Boards, 4 Living Glass and 2 Explosive Devices with each run.


I had trouble to set up my atmosphere harvesters though … I could only place them outside the base building range. The next day I checked, I was shocked to find out that the “corruption” bug appeared again:

That’s how they should look like when they’re working:

I was once before told that this bug is contagious, infecting pretty much every technology, until even portals cannot be used anymore.

So, yeah. I really hope that this bug is fixed in NEXT.


Correct… It affects all charge interfaces…
however should this occur (although I think the update will remove the problem entirely)
I have found that finding other portals you have never used, allows you to activate them and use them. Provided you don’t leave the location, the portal will remain active.
Once you leave (or reload) it will break and you will need to find another portal. Inconvenient but at least you can still travel via portal.


I recently came up with a “fix” for that in Atlas Rises through savegame editing, but wasn’t able to figure out how to make it easy for anyone else to do before NEXT. :slightly_frowning_face:

Hopefully NEXT itself will solve this once and for all.


Here are my submissions to the Galactic Atlas:

Argh! Prime System - Argh! Prime:

Sihekoup-Mopute - Feltadfel QB889:

Dexois - Gagrundgerqu-Ivkat:

Uadunc-Oluvyc - Abugourdin Igabel:

Hapotour-Vustvo II - Yisarjelmik:

Xalanh-Wier - Kahokoroz Baqenz:

Afengxia-Esan IV - Eshizents Embong: (pending addition)


I’m already out of :heart: so consider yourself :heart::heart:


From patch notes: “Fix for superconductive lock bug”. Yay!


Link to patch notes please?
Edit nvm: [N E X T] Patch Notes & Discussion


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