No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art

20180718164553_120180718164438_1 (“No Man’s Sky : Origins” mod) :slight_smile:


Just sketched this guys!


Gorgeous, piece!! :stars:


I’m so happy Atm Screenshot_20180718-225539


Thank you :slight_smile:


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: Fair play lad


I recently upgraded my PC from a GTX 960 to a GTX 1080 and pushed all my graphics settings to ‘Ultra’ and am further blown away by this game. I even have a consistent framerate! Something I have been struggling with since launch. Here are a few shots from recent outings:

Part of me is going to be a little sad to see this thread go inactive after NEXT. Unless we’re just going to continue sharing here and merely change the title of the thread? Well, either way, it feels like a really long good-bye to Atlas Rises. A version of the game that’s been around the longest since launch. The experience won’t ever be the same. While I’m at it, I’ve really enjoyed your guys’ shots and other creativity shares. It’s been magical.

On the other hand, I am very excited to make this transition into NEXT. My most curious thoughts are on Photo Mode. I’m secretly hoping for a “Cinematic Mode”, but that is some major wishful thinking. XD Fingers crossed anyway!


The plan is (hopefully, but don’t quote me) to start an all new thread for the exact same use under a new NEXT catagory.
This one will be linked and visa-versa.
We also hope to do the same with several other hugely popular threads such as the Help a Fellow Traveller and the Video threads. That way all of the good stuff isn’t lost but simply in a linked archive and easily accessible.
Not sure how the mods are going with all this but that was the plan anyway.
This forum has settled into a pretty healthy groove so we don’t want to totally change it. Simply set it up so it works like it always has but in the new NEXT catagory.


Space Whales CONFIRMED


I’ve been thinking about that a lot these days, the trailer for next made it really hit home. The thread will be archived and forever capture this period in NMS’s history and no doubt the new thread will carry on this one’s spirit only difference is we’ll all be squeezing in close together for selfies in them :slight_smile:

I wonder who’ll be the lucky one to have the honors of creating the new thread this update?

Maybe @Crimsontine has the thread already opened and is hovering over enter Key to create it soon as NEXT is in our hands :smirk:

Congrats on the new PC tech, always a good feeling when a game runs buttery smooth. Will maybe join you out there in the universe some day when my own gets fixed :slight_smile: screens look gorge :drooling_face:


Video, but still a photo… Well sort of. :wink:


Started my reciprocal visit to @sheralmyst 's home planet.

Wow this time I am feeling even greater anxiety as the large Oceans and lack of land mean if I run out of fuel for my exocraft it is a long swim …ok bobbing exercise to get to any kind of land.

Made 1st camp under suitably spectacular rock formation, had the perfect place for my camp-fire.
She sells me smores, but the sea shore…


I warned you. Very little land Hope you make it okay. I would hate for you to be stranded off-world when NEXT hits. There is no telling what you would be sitting on when you returned. :scream: :laughing:


Gotta get these 1.3 shots in before the thread closes!

I love flying through these things.

First grave I found (bottom right).

Different, and epic, grave in a cave.

Felt like I was underwater.

Galactic bubble gate!

Fun with black holes - the approach.

Fun with black holes - the ship swap.

Fun with black holes - we’re goin’ in.

Fun with black holes - almost… there.

Here there be dragons.

Don’t look at me, I didn’t break it.

Majestic AF.


Awesome shots! Just for the record, these threads will most likely be Archived but not closed, leaving the contents accessible.


Woah! That grave in the cave looks amazing!!


Agreed, that ‘grave in the cave’, which could be a new radio jingle… :wink: is great.

Yes, NMS as it stands now is a game that shines through, art style wise… :slight_smile:
Simply beautiful



I figured I’d share some old ones since they’re about to become obsolete (maybe?).


Alright, I better hurry up to get my remaining screenshots online. Not much time left until NEXT drops …

As you perhaps know, I attempt to discover every planet (at least its fauna if present), which is why I have that many approaching / landing pictures. I want to show how the planet looks from space as opposed to up close - and I have to say, with Atlas Rises they aren’t that different anymore (unless you enter the planet’s atmosphere on its dark side, as you can see on the following screenshots).

So, the next (I hope this ends as soon as NEXT is here) planet I’ve been to was a desert world.

Yeah, when approaching from the dark side it does look very different up close. Mainly because of the different lightening.

First remarkable thing I came across was this resource depot, shaped as a door. Interestingly enough, it is just at the border of a texture glitch (the one with the circles), so it created the illusion of an “Arena Door”:

Some scary looking predators are around (fortunately, to keep my Mordite stock for learning Vy’keen language full) - but really, their death animations … they REALLY need some work. I mean, just look at this:

Even bigger gates around. Really impressive:

And more funky looking deposits:

Now this was an E3 moment. Two very narrow shaped Heridium deposits, next to each other, at a lake in a crater. One of my favorite shots of all time:

And again funky shapes:

Not too long after I found the last remaining creature, after that I took off for another unknown planet in the system.

This time, it’s a toxic waterworld:

With lots and lots of small isles:

And a very intimidating lasher plant, with horns looking like a Stegosaurus:

This planet has some impressive underwater caves, which I couldn’t explore a lot with my Nomad exocraft, except for this one shot:


Also, huge floating isles:


First time I saw this in the game - natural Calium. They roll down hills once you start shooting them, so make sure that you destroy them before they roll down into the water (which happened a few times to me):



Some more intriguing visual artifacts, a perforated rock:



And huge, partially floating sculptures:

Erm, don’t ask me how I ended up with my exocraft like this. I have no idea:

More impressive cave formations, much like arcs:

Again, once I found all creatures on the planet I headed off.
Not before having another shot at the planet’s watery surface and investigating a crashed freighter though:

And that’s it for now again. I’ll most probably upload more screenshots ever after NEXT launched. Expect up to three or four more posts with the same amount of shots.

I am somewhat afraid that with NEXT such weird encounters with strangely shaped resource deposits might happen no more. From what I saw and read about leaked footage, they removed those resource spikes entirely.

Nevertheless, I gladly accept this fact if it means for more varied and detailed generation.

Either way, we’ll see not too long away from now. I can’t wait!