No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art


Nothing a needle and a credit card can’t fix :joy: or maybe I’ve peered into the world beneath the Mercury process and I’m seeing light refractions from the world of glass :astonished:


The Golem has been hitting the Gym




I demand immediate PED testing on that thing!


That’s not gonna end well… the Golem smokes nip nip bud for his anxiety and insomnia, there’s no way he’ll even pass that test and even though it’s not a performance enhancing drug he’ll still get fined or worse, fired! The world’s not fair man.



I found the glade!


Is this on isla nublar or isla sorna?



Travelogue (long): Planet of Fire and Ice
Finally got some playtime in NMS for the first time in two weeks. I had been exploring @Malveka’s origination planet, a crisp cold one whose sky turns to magenta fire at night.

I roam here with my suit’s external mic’s turned off. there are too many creatures of all sizes constantly moaning and screeching, --and dying under the wheels of my nomad. :sob:

These guys are wearing my colour palette for my acrylic flow art. It makes me happy every time I see one. And I usually see, to quote Discworld’s Detritus, “1…2…3…many!”

Oh, and many Titanium, too.

This one was huuuge! (And from a Darwin/Wallace perspective, very odd indeed.):

It’s a wonderful planet. It even has trees that thrive on…
buried treasure!:

Zooming up to the summit of a hill I found this:

There are buildings and drop pods every minute. And depots Pretty close call for a crashed freighter. I’m surprised they didn’t both obliterate each other:

I often wonder who puts the Landing Posts on the Crashed Freighters.

I wonder if the captain ever got back home to his new family…

Beautiful views, rich in so many ways: structures, minerals, flora, and fauna. Brilliant days, and at night Fire and Ice. Lovely planet.

I wandered lonely as a cloud
that drifts on high o’er vales and hills
when all at once I saw a crowd
a host of golden…
Titanium (with Chrysonite) (apologies to Wordsworth)

…“for oft when on my couch I lie
in vacant, or in pensive mood,
they flash upon that inward eye
which is the bliss of solitude…”

No matter what happens N E X T I will have these precious moments that this game/simulation, has given me. Thank you Sean, HG, @oldgods and CSD!


The reason I started “wandering lonely as a cloud” on Mal’s Origination planet, is that I found that I can purchase all gasses here in reasonable quantities, except Radon, and yet, when I checked my inventory I had some.

So I checked the local flora with my scanner and found that one of the plants (and only one) gave Radon as a secondary resource. So, of course I went looking for it which gave me a good excuse to explore more of the planet in my nomad.

Here it is in the scanner, “Laycoe Trebeum”:

The plant was rare enough that I had to travel quite a bit to find it. It only grew among the rippled iron spikes and glowing Marrow in shallow depressions, and then usually only one, and never more than two, but mostly none. ;`)

One of the luckier finds. Two of them in close proximity:

I prefer to purchase the resources I need rather than despoil the “natural” beauty of some of the resource groupings. And these have a rather pleasing and graceful form, so it was shame to have to destroy them. Fortunately they will grow back.

Each plant gave a generous quantity of Radon, between eight and twenty-five radon each, usually around fifteen.

Abundance seems to be the watchword with this lovely planet.



Some more things I’ve seen.


The last one is really…


And my journey continues. Did a while back, actually. However, since NEXT drops very soon, I try to finish the Artemis storyline. That’s why I haven’t uploaded any of my screenshots lately. I’m also full of work since I’m back from vacation and have to take over the shifts from a sick coworker - and of course it’s during the vacation of others from my department. So yeah.

Still trying to fill up my stock of exotic plants. Haven’t had any luck finding a toxic planet in order to get Fungal Mould so far.

Nevertheless, I attempt to fully explore (in terms of fauna) every planet I come across and at least travel to one Monolith.

Once I left the planet with the amazing Gemini deposits, I approached an obviously desert world:

There wasn’t all that much interesting to discover, except for some unusual rock formations. I call it “Altar”:

This Monolith reminded me a lot of the keyhole from RiME:

Floating stones are always an impressive sight:

Now, this is a first to me. When travelling with my Roamer and jumping up a cliff, I suddenly got stuck!

Had to teleport it to the ground. Really strange. Never happened to me before.

(In case you wonder about the mission objective: The only creatures I kill are predators that attack me.)

Didn’t stay too long on that planet, either. Once I found all the creatures, I headed off again.

Off to a dead world. And this time, it really is dead. No interesting terrain features (at least as far as I could tell), no water and no resources I could use.

I only landed to scan the resource flora and marrow bulbs, then I moved on:

This time, it was a frozen planet:

The freezing storms give the planet an interesting look:

As tragic as such encounters are, it is always a good thing to get new glyphs for the portal:

Sunsets … what are not to like about them?

And that concludes my travel report for now. Have a lot of catch up to do, since I played a lot recently and took loads of screenshots. The current activity of Waking Titan isn’t helping a lot either.

Anways, see you around later! :smile:


Punks not dead


I want a plushy of that sooooo bad! :laughing:




I can’t believe I just found this gem just a few days before a universe reboot! I’ve been looking for a perfect planet for so long, and here it is!! If it gets wiped or altered á la Atlas Rises in a couple of days - I’ll go bananas!!
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waw, looks really nice :slight_smile: