No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art


Wow! Somebody :heart: you. Does she play NMS, too? What an amazingly beautiful job of sculpting the ship and the domes and everything!

and Happy Cakeday! :cake:


“Exotic maneuvers.”


Yes she does, she’s played it since the day it come out. She was the one that got me into it.


Through wind and rain,
TOdd’s ‘Golem’ stands watch,
over the Star Chain.

So I’d found a lovely place near the ETARC hub star chain on my new normal save, and settled there last week. I hurriedly got my new farm together knowing a friend of mine, who’d just picked the game up, was fastly approaching 16 glyphs.

He got there today, only for us to discover my new planet was the last planet in a two planet system, meaning; its portal was glitched.

Today was spent moving and Rebuilding my home, while not as idyllic a planet (and lacking its own blimp/THE historical Hindenburg) as the one i was on, I have settled into my new location and have begun Rebuilding.

And this guy keeps watch over my home and an eye to the ETARC hub star chain, should any ne’er-do-well’s make their way into our quaint sector of space.

And I was trying to invoke the Automatons/robots/Golems from Laputa when building this guy :slight_smile:



Did you place it on a floating island? :sunglasses: Love Castle In the Sky


I did use the terrain manipulator to make a floating island of dirt in order to get the comm ball on top of the infrastructure pyramids… (I removed the dirt island after placing comm ball) That sorta counts right?

It’s been at least ten years since I last saw Castle in the Sky, its nearly 4 am here but screw it, I’m putting it on. :crazy_face:


Go for it! I love Studio Ghibli productions. :blush:


Finished my latest epic journey. 4 hours in an exocraft over mountain peaks and through river fed canyons.
I discovered that the giant creatures here like to use the natural arch formations as back scratchers.

and I also found the largest Snappie ever?

Actually, it was the smallest tree I have ever seen. :smile:

I finally reached my destination. I fear server issues kept my Exosuit from being able to register all of it but the trip was still worth it.

This concludes my visit to the land of the living giants.


It’s a back scratcher alright but it also doubles up as their nativity scene play, they use them to pass down the legend of the being that went through a portal.

I say this because in my primary school, in a time when the Catholic Churches grip was still quite strong but free education via tax payers money meant school facilities were, lacklustre.

For the nativity play, they’d use two children to create an arch, representing Inn doors for maroseph (the original Branjolena) to knock on. I was one half of a door that year :innocent: people = props. I was also dressed like ryu from street fighter and got away with it.


So what did the :japanese_ogre: people have to do? Just kidding. :clown_face: wait…you dressed like Ryu while you were the prop or you just wore that one day? You must have been really :innocent:


While I was the prop, we had to double up as locals for some big song at the end. I just used the red bandana as a belt and I blended in like the rest of the people wearing bed sheets as costumes.

I managed to pull the same trick off two years ago as an adult. Was working pharmacy retail in Dublins busiest shopping centre and at Christmas they wanted us to dress as elves, so I got to dress as Link from LoZ and got away with it :slight_smile:

(made leprechaun size for the amusement of @Polyphemus :slight_smile: )



Marry her now! That is an incredible cake.



I seriously think we need a “Spot The Leprechaun” thread. Damned things get everywhere.

I think I have a spray that gets rid of them…


I noticed something strange on the numbered decals when light passes over them, what look like blemishes at first, reminiscent of a Bump Map, on closer inspection is a series of symbols and shapes.

They look somewhat like a bunch of gui graphical elements bunched together, such as crashed ship icons and borders for text windows etc, sort of how they’d look grouped on to their image file only jumbled together rather than being separated as one would expect.

Anyone else ever noticed this before? Anyone with a bit of knowledge on what this could be? A cheap trick to add texture from a distance that falls apart upon closer inspection maybe?


Never noticed it, is it just on that wall, or anywhere you place it?


On closer inspection, the artifacts are actually on the walls themselves, I’ve only tested on cuboid rooms though.

Here’s another using the vykeen decal…

Starting to look more like random shapes made using the supershape algorithm that constructs most of the games visuals.

Latest photo taken with phone so ignore additional artifacting from phone and TV refresh rate funkiness.

Also of note is the shapes are fully vectored (which is why I believe its done via supershapes) as they do not pixelate as you get closer, rather growing in clarity with size.


Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. :vulcan_salute::smirk:


It’s air bubbles. You need to reapply that decal. :clown_face: