No Man’s Sky—v1.3 Screenshots & Art


Ok, I’m not the only one that thinks of titles for the screenshots then!
I’ll start using them (when there is one)


“Ode to a squid.”


You know i am :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please pm me details


NEXT…Roller Derby confirmed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


currently my phones wallpaper, ETARC/ECSD hub chain

found this naturally formed blimp on my new home planet in the ECSD Hub

also close by is this ancient fossilised giant robot thing

Citizen Scientists Division - Needs Collaborative User-designed Logo!

Oh wow! The blimp is soo unbelievable!!
That one should be used inside the logo! It is just so impossible to find something like this that it becomes an event!
Man absolutely awesome, colors are just perfect, just wow! Is there anyway to get the adress of the planet? I am completing the glyphs and I will FINALLY be allowed to move traveller’s booty!



It reminded me of this lol…if NEXT makes terrain alteration stick I can easily see these sorts of things becoming a lot more common.


Getting Gladiator vibes here



Started a new expedition today to visit @kliktrak.
The planet is covered in these arches that would make a great race course.

As well as these very decorated arches.

There are also many burgundy colored rivers.

The gravity on this planet is strange. When climbing out of my exocraft I have to take care not to be thrown a great distance.

I came across a building in which I could hear an alarm. Being unable to open the door, I blew it open with my grenades. I believe the name of the facility may hint at the reason for the malfunction.

I have decided to camp near a plaque with a beautiful view and resume my trip tomorrow.


Spiky rock worm arches, rivers of blood, and a fantastic view! What more could one ask for?!
(maybe a little more gravity?) :laughing:


E3- 2015 Portals ( Space Adventures mod )


I haven’t had any spare time for chilling in NMS lately, so I really appreciate all your gorgeous in-game photos!

Your posts keep reminding me of how much I love this game and make me antsy to get back in there!

Thank you! :heart: :heart: :heart:


He’s watching for you!


My girlfriend just made me this birthday cake because she knew I may lose my base or planet with the next update.

Although Ironically this base will be demolished before the update :rofl:


Oy! Don’t let that one slip away!


Happy cake day, what a thoughtful gift :slight_smile:


Wow what a great gift! Happy Birthday @Marky


Also I’m a lot older than 6! :rofl:


Happy Birthday. The cake looks great!